Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bagoong earthen jars stand tall in Lingayen

LINGAYEN-  - You can't miss the two earthen jars standing tall at the Pangasinan's capital town.
The two earthen jars locally called “pasig” will be placed in Lingayen's main entry points and serve as a tourist attraction.
Councilor Judy Vargas said the 10- foot tall jars symbolize the ubiquitous 'bagoong' (fish sauce) Lingayen's one-town-one-product (OTOP).
Vargas chairs the Bagoong Festival in this town which was created to promote the bagoong industry, a steady income provider for locals.
“The jars were made to globally promote and intensify “bagoong” as the official product of Lingayen town,” Vargas said after the jars' ceremonial unveiling at the town plaza.
'Pasig' was traditionally used to store fish or shrimp mixed with salt to ferment intocondiment, said Vargas during the street dancing competition held at the Dela Cruz Auditorium here.
Meanwhile, Bagoong Makers Association President Jun Bernal said the homegrown industry has been getting support from local governments in promoting the product locally and abroad.
“Bagoong making industry helped many fishermen, bagoong makers and businessmen in the province,” Bernal said. (MCA/EMBS/PIA-1, Pangasinan)

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