Monday, February 10, 2014

Cojuangco Declares Gubernatorial Ambition in P’sinan


LINGAYEN – Former congressman Mark Cojuangco announced to media men today his intention to run for the governorship of Pangasinan.
Former Pangasinan Rep. Mark Cojuangco declares to media
men in February 10, 2014 his intention to run for the
gubernatorial contest at Pangasinan in 2016 .
The declaration came just after incumbent Governor Amado T. Espino, who is in his last term, concluded his State of the Province Address (SOPA) at the Capitol Complex here.
“Sa akin pong palagay unique ang position ko as far as experienced is concerned as far as my age, my wisdom, my knowledge. I think gusto kong i-alok ito sa taga Pangasinan kung i-consider ako bilang gobernador nila namakakapagpatuloy na maghatid ng progress natin ( for me I am in a unique position as far as my age, my wisdom, my knowledge are concerned. I offer these endowment and experiences to the people of Pangasinan who will vote for me as their governor who will bring them progress,” he stressed.
Cojuangco, son of business tycoon Eduardo ‘Danding” Cojuangco, said he recently mentioned in passing his moist eyes on the governorship to Espino.
“I mentioned it to him i passing a month ago. I have been trying to call him since last week. I think he’s been too busy preparing itong State of the Province Address niya, he did not have the time to return the call,”he said.
When asked who will be his vice gubernatorial tandem, he cited incumbent Vice Governor Ferdinand Calimlim who has still one more term for his post.
He said Calimlim is a card carrying member of the Nationalist People’s Coalition – the formidable party of his father.
Pangasinan Governor Amado T. Espino took his oath
of office for his last term as governor. His son Amado
III is rumored to be his heir apparent. 
“He is a member of the NPC of good standing. He is an incumbent vice governor. He has the first option to signify to the party if he is interested or not for the governorship. I already sounded him off. He told me he is honored. Let’s see if he wants to commit, (himself) as my vice gubernatorial candidate”.
Before the Cojuangco scion declares his ambition to run for the province’s top position, political spectators in the humongous province have been speculating prospective gubernatorial bets in 2016 election will be Rep. Leopoldo Bataoil (2nd District, Pangasinan), Vice Governor Calimlim, Abono Party-list Rep. Conrado Estrella, and League of Barangays-Provincial Level President and Board Member Amado T. Espino III. Espino, a three term mayor, is the son of Governor Espino.
Both of them are members of the NPC of Cojuangco.
“With Mark (Cojuangco) surely some if not all of these gubernatorial prospects would reconsider their ambition”.

Cojuangco, who is the provincial chairman of the NPC, is known for his and his father deep financial chest in every election.
“Incase BM Pogi (the young Espino choose to run for the governorship, it would be a battle royal since the Espino is known for their political juggernaut, too,” another political kibitzer opined.
But a police official, a perceptive political analyst, observed that Cojuangco’s decision to run for the governorship will be a unifying factor for all political parties who were dichotomized in the last election when Espino clashed with former Alaminos Mayor Hernani Braganza in the most acrimonious, intense, scathing, and divisive election Pangasinenses have ever seen.
Cojuangco downplayed that he is a shoo-in the 2016 polls, he said he plans to barnstorm the three cities and 44 villages province in the next two years so the people know him.

“There is no such thing as shoo-in. We all have to work for the people’s confidence in us. That’s what I tend to do in the next two years I’ll go around the province. I will talk with the people to find out what are their hope and dreams, what I feel so I can make a plan,” he stressed.

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