Friday, February 14, 2014

Cojuangco for Governor goes Haywire


After I posted at P’nan Biggest Blog Cojuangco Declares Gubernatorial Ambition” in 2016 in Pangasinan, the news became most read in my blog by readers in and outside of the Philippines before February 10 ends -- the day Cojuangco told me in a chance interview his ambition.
Former Pangasinan Rep. Mark Cojuangco argued with
reporters his advocacy on nuclear power plants in the
country amid the inflationary price of electricity
After Pangasinan Governor Amado T. Espino concluded his State of the Province Address  (SOPA) by the following phrases: “Thus, we must set aside politics for now, and remain focused on our dreams and aspirations for our province. The next election is still along way to go, and we cannot allow premature political attention from tedious, more crucial task of sustaining the momentum for the continual growth and progress of Pangasinan”,
 I did not expect  I chalked up a scoop from Cojuangco.
I was in a huddle with veteran broadcasters Tito Tamayo of DWPR and RJ Jimenez of Home Radio (Fm na naging Am radio band) when former congressman Mark Cojuangco, with four body guards in tow, emerged from the right side of the capitol building while guests and visitors queues to press flesh with the governor, his wife, and members of the provincial board inside the American era edifice.
Before the declaration of Cojuangco of his political plan (you can access it at, somebody had tipped me two weeks earlier that Mark had told friends about his moist eye on the governorship, but I was ambivalent to write it since the source did not want her name to be quoted.
Aside from my questions with the former solon “Have you talked with the governor about your plan?”, “Who will be your vice gubernatorial candidate?”, and "his being a shoo-in for the derby", Here were some of his answers on his programs and projects incase he will be the governor of the mammoth province.
Cojuangco, the scion of business tychoon Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco said there should be a final end in the flooding in Pangasinan particularly in Binmaley, Urdaneta City, Sta. Barbara, Dagupan City, and all that areas in the 3rd, 4th, and 2nd congressional districts.
“Itong mga low laying areas may baha dito, wala na ang dahilan para magkaroon ng baha if we can do it right. Just do the engineering right,” he said.
On the proposed expansion of the airport in Lingayen, Cojuangco said “he (Espino) should look at that. What’s holding him back. Bakit hindi pa iyan matapos-tapos?”

He said Pangasinan can take a cue what Espino said in his SOPA.
“Says health care na na umpisahan na niya dapat bigyan ng momento. Rice, corn, agriculture, marami!”
On illegal gambling:
“Like when I do when I run for congress in the 5th District of Pangasinan, because I am not Jesus Christ I can not solve everything. My agenda will not focus on that unless it is blatantly practice in my place. So my priorities will be development agenda. There are proper authorities whose duty and responsibilities is to look at those. That’s really not my focused”.

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