Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Top Cop Hits Disinformation vs. PNP P’sinan

LINGAYEN – A high police official assailed some sectors in Pangasinan that spread disinformation that the province has the lowest court conviction rate in Region 1 if not in the country on criminal cases like murder and drugs.
“That’s unfair and sweeping. Here’s the data for 2013. That data speak for it,” the source, who asked anonymity, said.
He explained conviction rate refers to cases that happened three years ago and not last year.
“Getting for a conviction rate in a snail paced Philippines court takes years”.
He cited that in 2013 the result on reviewed and dismissed illegal drug cases in the four provinces Region 1 showed that Pangasinan, La Union, and Ilocos Sur got 29, 15, 52, respectively, received and dismissed drug cases.
In his illustration table it showed that Ilocos Sur got the highest “52” dismissed illegal drug cases while the ‘15” score of La Union was incomparable to Pangasinan since the latter is much bigger in population and areas if juxtaposed to the combined three other provinces.
Pangasinan, La Union, and Ilocos Sur subject 23, 13, and 52, respectively, personnel on these cases under investigation.
The others categories there are number of personnel involved, how many of them have been evaluated, how many of them have been sent for training, and how many of them have resigned or retired from the police force.
Here under is the illustration:
Recently, Lawyer Monday Samson, Director of the National Police Commission-Pangasinan said that conviction rate of the malefactors arreseted by the Pangasinan police stood only at 5-10% average per year while the arrest rate was 70%. He blamed the court procedural skills of the police after their arrest and inventory of evidences, as the main factor why the conviction rate is low.
Meanwhile, aside from Police Patrol 101 that helped deter criminals during the tour last year of former Regional Director Chief Supt. Ricardo Marquez and former Provincial Director Senior Supt. Marlou Chan, the Philippine National Police under new acting Pangasinan Provincial Director Senior Supt. Sterling Raymond Blanco introduced recently blue colored police carts that have been distributed in the 44 towns and four cities of the province.
Blanco said the cart, which has front lettering “Police CART Community Assistance and Referral Team, is a pro-active project where the police mixed with the populace to hear their complaint as they maintain police presence in the community.
“Actually this was conceptualized before by former Provincial Director Chan. Tinuloy na lang natin kasi this is a good project na dapat na maipatupad na gawa na nakita nga natin ang importance of ideas with chiefs of police and other stakeholders,” he stressed.
Blanco said chiefs of police in the province can build another cart or carts if they found them necessary in their area of jurisdiction.

“Ang ginawa natin dito ay let them have something to start. So nagawa na natin ito naglagay na tayo sa mga stations. So kung magpagawa pa sila basta hindi mawala ang hitsura ng cart, puwedi sila magpagawa ganoon ang instruction ko sa mga chiefs of police”.

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