Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Big crowd and loud cheers greet proclamation rallies of NPC

Loud cheers and deafening applause from thousands of local folks filled the public auditoriums of Infanta, Dasol and Burgos as Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr., Vice Governor Jose Ferdinand Z. Calmlim, Jr. and Congressman Jesus “Boying” Celeste raised the hands of Nationalist People’s Coalition candidates in their respective towns during the proclamation rally in three towns of Western Pangasinan yesterday (April 2, 2013).
While thousands of audacious people greeted the NPC rallies, the first barangay sorties of the Liberal Party a day earlier led by its gubernatorial bet and emceed by media man Atong Remogat went through with sparse and lukewarm crowd.
In Infanta, incumbent Mayor Virgilio Vallarta- who then succeeded the slain Mayor Ruperto Martinez-- is vying for reelection with Richard Martinez-- son of late Mayor Ruperto, as his running mate with eight councilor candidates.
Around 1,500 rally participants in this rustic town of Infanta even swayed with the blaring sounds of background music as they cheer for Gov. Espino and their candidates.
 Celeste mentioned that when they arrived in Infanta, a black propaganda has welcomed them as four unidentified persons were distributing ‘newspaper’ titled Pangasinan News Today conveying stories that attempt to tarnish their reputation particularly of him and the Governor as public servants." Just put forward your platforms and not employ dirty tactics just for personal interests," the Congressman urged his fellow aspirants.
 He also thanked the locals for not believing all the allegations being thrown at them.
 Espino also denounced the dirty tactics employed by their opponents in order to put forward their selfish interest over the interest of the community. Such tactics have even affected my own family particularly my mother who is still in the hospital, he added.
 Over 3,000 roaring and delighted local folks hailed the team in Dasol. The town Mayor Noel Nacar, the incumbent president of the League of Mayors of Pangasinan, and Vice Mayor Manuel Rivera-- both bidding for reelections-- assured their townspeople that they, with their councilors, will continue on coming up with worthy projects.
Meanwhile, Calimlim pressed on the value of teamwork for success and ensured that such is present in the NPC as he campaigned for the whole slate. The Governor cited the numerous awards in the different areas of governance the province has received to counter the claims of his detractors that Pangasinan has not gone any improvement.
In the town of Burgos,  Mayor Alberto Guiang Jr. with his Vice Mayor, Felipe Peralta and the eight councilors led the sortie there. The team likewise declared their will to do more and better for the town’s growth. As Espino remarked, “We are doing all of these for the next generations to come.”
The governor vowed to maintain if not surpass the kind of service they are giving to the people as they drummed up support for their reelection bids (Pangasinan Asinan).

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