Thursday, April 18, 2013

LP mayoralty bets score Gov. Espino's lies

The mayoral candidates of Liberal Party in Pangasinan today re-affirmed their support to the gubernatorial bid of Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza, debunking reports that they have switched loyalty in favor of re-electionist Gov. Amado Espino, Jr.
 “We wish to state on record that we never signed a covenant, or any document, supporting the re-election bid of Pangasinan Gov. Amado Espino, Jr.” said the LP mayoral candidates in a signed statement released by the party.
 “Together with our political leaders and supporters, we remain committed to President Aquino’s and the Liberal Party’s efforts to help elect Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza as Governor of Pangasinan,” added the LP candidates.
 The Liberal Party in Pangasinan, at the same time, scored Gov. Espino and his propagandists for falsely claiming in an official media release that 17 of the LP mayoral candidates have already joined Gov. Espino’s camp. The LP candidates named in the report held an impromptu press conference at the Pangasinan Regency Hotel in Calasiao with Braganza and other top party leaders to personally deny the report from Gov. Espino’s camp.
 “Pawang kasinungalingan ang pinagsasabi ng kabilang kampo. Hindi totoo na iniwanan na namin si Mayor Braganza, ang aming kandidato sa pagka-gobernador,” said Wilson De Vera, the LP’s mayoral candidate in Calasiao.
 “Kahit ano ang mangyari, ipapanalo namin si Nani Braganza at ang lahat ng kandidato ng Liberal Party,” said Constante Agbayani, LP’s candidate for mayor in San Fabian.
 Two LP mayoral and vice-mayoral bets from Western Pangasinan told reporters that they would never abandon Braganza, who had delivered millions of pesos worth of infrastructure and development projects as two-term congressman in the First District.
 “The First District of Pangasinan owes a lot to Nani Braganza. Western Pangasinan will deliver the votes and elect him as our next Governor,” said Gualberto “Bong” Sison, mayoral candidate in Agno. “We will never abandon Nani Braganza. The Pangasinenses are looking for a local hero and they found one in Nani,” said Romeo Boling, vice-mayoral bet for Mabini.
 “We have seen how Nani Braganza transformed Alaminos City into a progressive community free from drugs and other illegal activities. We want him to do the same in the whole of Pangasinan,” said Gerardo “Gerry” Rosete of Burgos.
 Two of the LP mayoral candidates in Eastern Pangasinan, on the other hand, noted that the people of the Sixth District consider Braganza as a native in the area. “Nani Braganza is a son of Asingan. He will never lose in this municipality,” said Benigno Robeniol of Asingan.
 “The Braganzas, Agsaluds, and Ramoses are well-respected in Eastern Pangasinan. This is Braganza’s bailiwick,” said Herminigildo Marzan of Balungao.
 Officials of LP-Pangasinan condemned the disinformation campaign being waged by Gov. Espino’s camp, saying these were part of desperate measures being undertaken by the governor to arrest the dwindling public support to his re-election bid.
 They also deplored attempts by Gov. Espino’s supporters to bribe official candidates of the Liberal Party just to entice them to switch loyalty in the middle of the campaign period.
 “We have confirmed reports that individuals and personalities working for Gov. Espino have approached LP candidates, offering them P100,000 in cash and promising them development projects in exchange for their political support,” said the LP-Pangasinan in an official statement.
 The LP identified Board Member Ranjit Shahani as one of Gov. Espino’s supporters who are doing the rounds, soliciting the support of partymates to join the governor’s camp. “The Liberal Party will continue to expose such dirty tactics, including attempts to sow intrigue and disinformation using the media,” the administration party said. “The party also calls on the public to be always vigilant in order to frustrate the desperate attempts of Gov. Espino to make a mockery out of the people’s will and the electoral process,” it added.
 The LP officials noted that Braganza is the only gubernatorial candidate who has the experience, track record and moral fortitude needed to transform Pangasinan into a bustling growth center and possibly, the most progressive province, in Northern Philippines. “We also believe that Mayor Braganza, if elected governor, will take the lead in erasing Pangasinan’s reputation as the laggard among the provinces in Region I in poverty, hunger, peace and order, education and health situation,” the party officials stressed. “With Mayor Braganza as our provincial leader, we are confident that the Liberal Party would implement concrete programs and projects in Pangasinan anchored on the party’s “Daang Matuwid” policy,” they added.

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