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Braganza hires Atong, Espino enlists “T-3”

Gubernatorial bet Braganza (R) and
his tandem Vice Gubernatorial can
didate Art Lomibao
Renato "Atong" Remogat: Braganza's radio

Block Time War Rages 


 Board Member Ranjit R. Shahani was flabbergasted when I told him that his favorite punch line media man Atong Remogat has been enlisted by his estranged cousin gubernatorial bet Hernani Braganza to be his toast master in his sorties in the province.
 In a telephone call to Atong, a “ballistic” Ranjit berated him: “I thought (Board Member) Dong Perez was  st___ in taking you as part of his core group, but I could not imagine that Nani was so st___ in taking you as his emcee!”
 My disclosure about Atong to him and that “livid” call were made last Monday (April 15) over bottles of San Miguel Lights with some media men.
 If I tell Ranjit about my new discovery on Atong baby , he probably succumbs to cardiac arrest that would not be good in Pangasinan’s politics after Mangaldan Mayor Hermie Romero and Lingayen Mayor Jonas Castaneda have been taken recently by their Creator through heart attacks.
 Last April 17 in a press conference called by Dagupan City Mayor Benjie S. Lim at the cozy Fortune (HongKong) Seafood Restaurant in the city to open the Bangus Festival, media men told me that my friend Atong has been given by Nani a daily except Saturday and Sunday 30-minute block time at the 8:00 in the morning prime time commentary program of Bombo Radyo.
 I nearly fell from my chair, but Bombo Radyo Manager Jovy Galang miraculously, with a Floyd Mayweather reflexes, caught the tilting chair that prevented me to have a broken neck or broken head that day.
He confirmed what I heard.That the patron of Atong has just signed the proverbial dotted lines with the No. 1 radio station to consummate his hard- hitting program on April 22.
 “Hindi na magiging No. 1 iyan with Atong at the helm of the prime time,” DWPR’s prime time commentators Tito Tamayo and Joey Ballesteros bantered.
 They told me re-electionist Governor Amado Espino has brought too an hour block time at Bombo after Atong and Dennis Mojares’ Program. “The T-3 would have enough time to rebut every issue raises by Atong,” Tito told me.
 “Who are the T-3s, the Tulfo brothers?” I innocently asked. “No, they are Tito Tamayo, Inciong Tamayo and his brother Ramil Tamayo,” Joey told me.
“I-dedemolish ka daw nila,” I told Atong when he and his “new love” media forays partner Ronel de Vera visited me in my house last Friday after I was struck with fever after a whole day drinking session with Ranjit.
 “Paano nila ako i-dedomolish eh toastmaster pa rin ang papel ko sa Bombo? Paano nila ide-demolish si Bugallon Mayor Ric Orduna na guest ko sa Lunes, at si (former governor) Victor (Agbayani) guest ko sa Martes,” Atong , with all the patent confidence and his distinctive hubris, told me. With Atong shooting his stars in this mid-term election, Joey and Tito would have their heart attack after Nani’s gubernatorial victory he would appoint Atong in lieu of Provincial Administrator Raffy Baraan.
 I told them not to ridicule the prowess of Atong. In case Atong becomes Nani’s administrator I will see to it that Atong locked the door of his office so media men like them could not enter to avail the free coffee there. “Atong Remogat: Ang Raffy Baraan na may power and sex appeal ni Attorney Boy Solis (Agbayani’s provincial administrator),” accidental media man Romeo Bongato, uninvited to the Fortune event, hailed Atong.
 Oh by the way, you probably asked what I was doing at the ancestral home of former President Fidel V. Ramos in Asingan, Pangasinan on that day I met former Congressman Shahani.
 FVR has asked Ranjit to hand to me personally his newly published book "Nation Building is Never Ending".
With a couple of books the former president has given me, the latest one was significant. Why? Son of a gun, Mortz baby's article "A Funny Incident with FVR" can be found there.
 It was about the president "chiding" Benguet Governor Nestor B. Fongwan after he gnawed beyond his five minutes allocation at the expense of the other VIPs to speak at the unveiling of the marker dedicated to FVR at San Roque Power Corporation in San Manuel, Pangasinan.
"Probably the speechwriter of Fongwan in his kilo-metric speech was saluyot king of column writing Maximo Soliven," I wrote on that book.
My article starts on Page 241 of that book. It was juxtaposed with the articles of former National Security Adviser Joe Almonte and BizNews Asia publisher and writer Tony Lopez.
 Recently League of Mayors of the Philippines- Pangasinan Chapter has circulated a petition where 90 percent of its member-mayors signed for the ouster of OIC Provincial Director Marlou Chan from his post whom they accused for being unfair to them. The petition went pffft! Now some of them worry about the backlash of their own folly in ousting a decorated officer and a gentleman. A source told me that Chan smarted because some of those who signed the baseless accusation against him were close friends. LMP-Pangasinan chapter president and Dasol Mayor Noel Nacar was overheard in the radio exhorting Chan that he prays that his close friendship with him continues despite him (Nacar) leading the petition and granting some radio stations an interview by detailing why Chan should be ousted. Did Nacar and his mayors know that they live in a glass house where some if not many of them hide skeletons in their closets? Abangan kung ano ang mangyayari sa kanila till the day of reckoning in May 13, 2013 polls. Pssst mga mayors, kausapin niyo si Colonel Chan. Hindi pa huli ang lahat he he.
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