Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tagumpay ni Brian Lim, Tagumpay Nating Lahat

Vice Mayoralty bet Brian Lim


 DAGUPAN CITY – It’s self-explanatory title is “Tagumpay ni Brian Lim, Tagumpay Nating Lahat.” A short video presentation on the hustle-and-bustle vivacities of vice mayoralty hopeful Brian Lim is going viral on the Dagupan Dream Facebook. Barely six hours after it was posted on facebook, the touching video that lasts for only one minute and forty-six seconds has already chalked up more than 1,919 views.
 Now, it is drawing raves and waves from old and young alike Dagupenos.
 The vivid pictures and video footage of the youthful and charismatic Brian fill each frame of the screen as the exalting tune and lyrics of the song roll on.
As patriotic as it should be, the song is a soulful rendition of Brian’s passionate dreams for his city and people.
World-renowned Filipina balladeer Leah Salonga could not have sang it better…this all-time inspirational melody aptly titled “Tagumpay Nating Lahat.” The video production starts with faces of two expectant toddlers lining up for gift packs being distributed by the untiring Brian and his team of volunteer workers in some homey place.
It then segues to a succession of snapshots of kaleidoscopic and animated activities that heighten with Brian bantering, hobnobbing, and chattering with men, women, children, elder-lies and all.
Then, as the song reaches its crescendo the vividness and sincerity of Brian’s smile and gestures hold one in quite awe.
“I’m proud of your sir…God Bless,” commented Jacqueline Dela Cruz Onza. “This is Lim Legacy…Good Luck,” quips Ruben Rosario. “Mabuhay ka Sir Brian, sika so manepeg ed siyudad tayon Dagupan..saludo ak ed sika,” says Rhumel Ladreramos.
 Says Rachel Agustin, “I’m proud to say solid BB Lim po ako…good luck po sa inyo Mayor Benjie and Vice Mayor Bryan.”
 The video production concludes with the now ubiquitous poster of the BB tandem. A viral video in the making, “Mayor BSL, Ang Mayor Natin” starts with a half-body shot of Mayor Lim standing sideways before a podium exuding a purposeful mien as he speaks out his thoughts.

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