Tuesday, February 5, 2013

W/Out Any Tax Hikes for 10 Years: URDANETA CITY AIMS P700M 2013 Budget


 URDANETA CITY – Despite the absence of tax hikes in the past ten years, this burgeoning city in Region 1 this year can hit the P700 million annual appropriation, including the supplemental budget.
Mayor Amadeo Gregorio Perez IV said supplemental budget exists because of the expenses this city incurs.
 “Sana walang kalamidad na makakasira kasi ng malaki (I hope there would no more calamities that can inflict damage to the city),” he stressed. 
He explained that despite the absences of any tax spike in the last ten years, this city’s tax collection efficiency increases every year. He said he did not want his constituents to be surprised by any tax increase when somebody proposed it last year. 
Perez said the approved annual budget of this city for this year is P637 million.
 With the P700 million mark inclusive of the supplemental budget, this city would have the highest appropriation compared to the six cities in Region 1.
Cities of Dagupan and Laoag, two leading cities in Region 1, have passed already their P612 million and P575 million, respectively, annual appropriation for fiscal year 2013.
 The mayor, the son of this city’s long reigning hizzoner Amadito Jr., said taxpayers here willingly pay their business taxes since he gave them up to the last week of February this year to pay.

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