Sunday, February 24, 2013


Vice Gubernatorial wannabe Lomibao  (Extreme Left) and  Gubernatorial bet Braganza interviewed by the media

The Liberal Party in Pangasinan today asked Gov. Amado Espino to prepare a solid legal defense rather than blame his political rivals for the series of criminal charges filed against him in connection with his alleged involvement in murder and jueteng operations. “The charges against Gov. Espino are serious and may land him in jail if found guilty. He better prepare a solid legal defense or he may find himself behind bars,” said LP spokesman and former Pangasinan Vice Governor Oscar Lambino . Atty. Bodie Pulido, the LP's congressional candidate for Pangasinan's First District, advised Gov. Espino to hire a better lawyer who spends more time in keeping clients out of jail than in holding expensive press conferences just to look good before the media. “The governor should be man enough to face the charges. He should stop blaming politics or his political rivals for the crimes attributed to him,” he added. Pulido noted that it has become a habit for Gov. Espino to blame politics every time law enforcement agencies close in on him and find merits to file charges for crimes he allegedly committed while in office. “The good governor is getting predictable. Every time law enforcers charge him for his sins of the past, his stooges hold a press conference the following day and blame politics for the court cases,” Pulido said. “Worse, instead of defending the governor in court, his lawyers immediately scout for false witnesses to file trumped-up counter-charges against his gubernatorial rival,” he pointed out. Last week, the National Bureau of the Investigation (NBI) filed a murder case against Gov. Espino, Rep. Jesus “Boying” Celeste and newspaper publisher Jaime Aquino after a witness tagged them as masterminds in the killing of their partymate Mayor Ruperto Martinez of Infanta last December (PANGASINAN MUNA).

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