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Murder rap vs Espino, Celeste, Ebdane a Joke

Zambales Gov. Ebdane
Pangasinan Congressman Celeste
Pangasinan Governor Espino


 Pangasinan political kingpin Rosendo So asked me recently what's my take on the cases filed against Pangasinan Governor Amado T. Espino et al.
 Hereunder are my following observations:
 On the murder raps filled by Jestin Aquino, a juvenile and wannabe journalist in Pangasinan, at the National Bureau of Investigation in Manila against the governor, Rep. Jesus “Boying” Celeste, Zambales Governor Hermogenes Ebdane and his estranged father Jaime on their involvement in the murder of Infanta Mayor Ruperto Martinez; susmariosep, it is not only incredible, it is preposterous! 
His narration was not only a cruel joke but a patent epitome of legal idiocy. 
How the NBI could swallowed hook, line, and sinker the tall tale that he heard the respondents hatching the plan to kill Martinez in different places is beyond my understanding.  
Worse, Jestin in the same complaint-affidavit has the personal knowledge to know who killed Alcala council member Jovencia Gasmin and former Bayambang councilor Nato Sabangan.
 Son of gun, this boy’s feat could not only qualify him in the Guinness Book of World Record and Ripley’s, but could sweep him to the greatest yarn of all time in the Universe. 
The boy is a superman among the witnesses the world has ever seen. 
How could the NBI allow this mockery of the legal system? The least NBI can do should ask Jestin not to include the Bayambang and Alcala killings to give credence to the complaint if they are really into a hao-shiao complaint.
I told Jaime Aquino that tinalo ka ng anak mo. Ikaw ni rape ka ng patalikod ni Archbishop Oscar Cruz when you were a sakristan (hindi pa uso ang guapo na sakristan noon) ”noong panahon ng hapon” pero tinalo ka ng anak mo.
 Pinagtuturo niya puro malalaking tao, isang congressman at dalawang gobernador.
 The rape cased allegedly perpetrated by Archbishop Cruz to Jaime did not push through because during the identification of the suspect the latter could not recognize Cruz who mixed with other men of the frock at the office of the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines in Manila.  
Jesus Christ, that rape case was a hyped that turned pffft that frustrated the real CNN (Cable News Network of Ted Turner, not the Calasiao News Network run by Atong Remogat and Ronel de Vera) that covered it but got a bum steer (nakuryente) instead.
Jaime, in a press conference called by Rep. Celeste, told media men in Alaminos City that Manuel Tolentino, Liberal Party’s mayoralty bet in Alcala, Pangasinan was the one who instigated his son to finger Espino, Ebdane, Celeste, and himself. Tolentino was recently in the limelight when he was reportedly cordoned at his house in Alcala by the police who were there to serve his warrant of arrest for a non- bailable rape charge. 
He was not arrested though for the reason that is beyond my comprehension.
 A source told me that Tolentino suspected Jaime, a public relation man of Vice Mayor Ryan Paul Mencias his rival in the mayoralty race in the town to be behind the concoction of a rape charge hurled by a woman who accused him of raping her in Olongapo City years ago. “Masyadong amateur ang pagkagawa ng murder charge against the suspects,“ I told media colleagues. 
 “When I was studying law my professor Justice Rodgriguez told us that only 15 percent of the cases filled by the police and NBI prosper at the prosecutor’s office,” quipped by lawyer Art Amon, Celeste’s counsel who is reclaiming his seat in Bani’s town council this year.
 Amon statement was reminiscent of what hotshot lanky palos hat and mustache sporting defense lawyer Dean Antonio Coronel (the late counsel of the Marcoses) in his book “Handbook on Trial Practice” . Attorney Coronel wrote that police officers are generally careless as to the form and manner in which they noted statements made to them. Generally they add a great deal to their testimony besides what they have noted. Dwell at length upon their failure to write down the statements the defendant is alleged to have made. Carefully examine any notations they did make. Question them about any testimony that is not found in their notes. 

 I asked Amon who was with Celeste and the widow of Martinez in the press conference called by Celeste, despite the incredibility of the accusation against the governor and Congressman Celeste, is there a possibility that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will manipulate the case (“lalaru-in” kayo) by resolving the case in favor of the accuser?
 “Dahil si President Aquino has strained relationship with the governor,” I quipped. 
He suspected that it could happen. 
To the fishermen and jeepney drivers who read this column, DOJ is under the call of the president of the Philippines, just like Tonto is under the behest of the Lone Ranger.
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