Friday, December 19, 2014

Ombudsman Dismisses Baraan, Bigay

"Respondents (Pangasinan Provincial Administrator) Rafael F. Baraan and (Provincial Housing and Urban Development Council Office chief’s) Alvin Bigay be adjudged Guilty of Grave Misconduct and meted the penalty of DISMISSAL FROM THE SERVICE, with the accessory penalties of CANCELLATION OF ELIGIBILITY, FORFEITURE OF RETIREMENT, BENEFITS AND PERPETUAL DISQUALIFICATION FROM REEMPPLOYMENT IN THE GOVERNMENT SERVICE" (Excerpts from Implementation of the Joint Resolution of the Office of the Ombudsman in OMB-C-C-12-0028-A and OMB-C-A-12-0024-A Entitled: Vicente C. Oliquino, et al. vs. Amado T. Espino et al (Pangasinan Government Officials)

Ombudsman's Decision Here Under

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