Friday, October 31, 2014

Town Admin Enraged at Incompetence of RD-Lingayen

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

FURIOUS. Calasiao Administrator Vivencio Vallo

LINGAYEN – A town brass of a first class town in Pangasinan was furious to the office of the Registry of Deeds here after personnel there gave him a series of runarounds.
Calasiao Administrator Vivencio Vallo called the workers of the RD as incompetent after they breached for the third time their promised to cancel his mortgage record there.
He said that after he paid the loan mortgaged of his house, he went to the registry office sometimes last September for its cancellation.
Vallo cited that when he submitted the cancellation form after he paid P1,452 there, he was told by a clerk in the window to come after a day.
 “ Hindi ko ginawa iyong after one day, pinagbigyan ko pa ng three to four days na allowance. Pagbalikko hindi pa rin tapos sabi nila doon sa loob ng Registry of Deeds pag dating ko. Noong after four days lang naman, sabi nila hindi pa tapos,” he stressed.
He was told instead to come back after 12 to 15 days.
After he returned he was instead told again to come back again in another day.
“So sa second time nagbalik ako galing ako Calasiao pupunta ako doon magagasolina ako, twice na. Sabi sa akin uli bumalik na kayo. Pinagbigyan ko uli hanggang October 22 pag dating ko doon hindi pa rin tapos.”

He said he became incensed inside the RD when he was told the third time to come back.
He protested the manifest negligence of the staff there when he was told to appeal instead to the RD, who is a lawyer, for the latter to approve on that day.

“Nagalit na ako. Sabi ko bakit ganito iyong trato ninyo sa mga tao, three times na ako nagpabalik-balik dito with my gasoline expenses. Busy din ako, katulad ninyo rin ako government official din ako. Kung tratuhin ninyo naman ang mga tao!”

He wondered after being given a rough treatment he has to appeal with the office's chief when it was their obligation to expedite the cancellation of his document.

He deplored the actuation of the personnel there. He said that if they could make a ran around to a brass like him what would happen to the ordinary Filipino who transacts business with the Land Administration Office .
“Buwisit sila! Noong araw pag pa-register ka ng chattel mortgage o mag pa –cancel,  30 minutes lang iyon tapos na at wala pang computer noon. Ngayon may computer na nagiging incompetent na ang Registry of Deeds na iyan”.

He said he did not heed the request of the staff to go inside the office of the chief RD but stormed out in the building angry.
The RD, one of the biggest land registry office in the country, here have brushes of  scandals when years  ago Commissioner Kim Henares of the Bureau of Internal Revenue  announced  through the national media the malfeasance of Lawyer Melvin Castro, then the RD-Lingayen deputy head, whom she charged in court for violation of Section 258 (E) of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997, as amended. Castro was accused of allowing the transfer of ownership of the two parcels of land by the 12 heirs of Gavino Vinluan to former Mayor Ernesto Acain of Labrador town without a Certificate of Authorizing Registration (CAR) from the BIR authenticating that such transfer has been reported and that the Capital Gain Tax (CGT) thereon has been paid.

Another controversy dragged the same office when years ago Carla Cacapit, administrative clerk, was entrapped by a joint team of BIR-Revenue District Office-5 based in Alaminos City and Criminal Investigation Detection Group  after she interceded for the processing of the CAR at the BIR by making an impression to the land buyer-poseur that she has connection with the BIR

Even then RD chief Lawyer Jose Roy B. Raval said to this paper that the office abounded with fixers and haunted by anomalies. “Everybody shunned the post here because it is haunted by accusation of being a bastion of anomalies where fixers abound around its premises.”

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