Thursday, April 17, 2014


Lingayen -- In observance of the Lentern season, the provincial government has scheduled a Holy Mass at the Pangasinan Training and Development Center (PTDC) tomorrow, April 16, 2PM -- and will be followed by the Stations of the Cross around Capitol Complex at 3PM.

Pangasinenses are invited to participate in the “Holy Mass for Dalaw nen Kristo” and “Stations of the Cross.” The Holy Mass will be celebrated by Rev. Fr. Francis Lucas Posadas, Epiphany of the Lord Parish Priest.

Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. and First Lady Priscilla I. Espino will lead the entire provincial government family and visitors in a mutual prayer of meditation in the 14 Stations of the Cross.

Locations of the 14 Stations include: 1. – Between Capitol Resort Hotel / Side of the Provincial Library; 2. – Sison Auditorium; 3. – Front of the Regional Trial Court; 4.  – Civil Service Commission (corner); 5. - Urduja Gate; 6. – ENRO, OPAg; 7. – Provincial Information Office, Capitol bldg; 8. – Motorpool Gate; 9. –TESDA, Malong bldg; 10. – United Eway building; 11. - Governor’s Park Center; 12. – Governor’s Park (LTO); 13. – Kalantiao bldg; and 14. – Finance bldg.

The  activity,  a “traditional spiritual devotion” of the provincial government, is “a concrete gesture of the deep sense of spirituality of Pangasinenses.”

The ritual which started as an exclusive activity of provincial capitol employees in 2011 in observance of lent, has packed support from locals in the past two years with a growing attendance, Chief Administrative Officer Irmina Francisco said.


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