Wednesday, April 2, 2014

LETTER: PAL Hits by Pinoy-Brit

Dear Mortz,

Good morning from sunny London.
The main purpose of my letter to you is to ventilate my frustration on how the Philippines Airline messed up our (four passengers)international and domestic connection flight schedule on the 5th and 6th of April 2014, respectively.

I bookedfrom our travel agent based in the United Kingdom our London to Manila flight and received a confirmation electronic ticket record on the 14th of October 2013.
The flight details are;
Departure from London Heathrow Airport:  17:15
Arrival to Manila Ninoy Aquino (Centennial) Terminal 2:  13:50
On the 15th of November 2013, I received an itinerary confirmation for the domestic flight that I booked directly from the PAL for four of us. I have booked all our domestic flights from PAL due to the convenience of few legs of our travel since we are using PAL on our international flight.
Departure from Manila Terminal 3: 18:30
Arrival to Puerto Princesa: 19:50
Literally, we have four hours and 40 minutes of dilly dally at the vicinity of PAL airport.
But, unfortunately due to “operation requirement” PAL had changed our international flight and domestic flight hour that lead us with 1.35 minutes to connect our domestic flight.
SORRY COUPLE: Hazel and hubby.
This international flight changes has been relayed to me by my agent in Manila in the afternoon of 30th of March as I came from a honeymoon.
I freaked out knowing that both our flight schedules will be affected. I called back our travel agent but, she informed me that they cannot help me because it was the airline itself that changed the schedule.
I then called the 24 hours. Customer Service of PAL, but to no avail their line was dead.
The following day which was bloody Monday for me because I had my company and clients month end and year-end financial reporting.  I was on the phone for an hour just trying to reach and talk sensibly to the customer service to sort out what was the best option for us since they messed up our schedule. Note: my long distance call was more costly than my domestic flight and I was wasting my company resources.

My golly, they want us to follow their schedule. Really?.. Do they think I will still trust the efficiency of their other flight schedules? To think PAL ripped off our flight schedules.
I was on my third day of negotiation with them, just to compromise and get the best solution out of the mess.
I made a suggestion to let us get that flight to Puerto Princesa by not having us check in luggage from international flight , hand luggage nalang para hindi ma delay ang transfer  sa domestic flight but, they did acquiesce on it.
Mortz, I have been working and moulded in a corporate environment where we have to deliver what we have promised to our customer,  bahala ng malugi kami just to save our reputation, the credibility to compete globally,  to keep our existing clients and winning some more new clients.
Does Philippines Airline have the temerity to embrace this value? I doubted after they treated us like heaps.
Ang PAL nagbenta ng flights na nakabalandra sa website nila at may mga foreign agents involved, then binilang costumer that  will suits to their schedule. This should be observed and respected. Pero, iba ang nangyayari, kami na customers ang umiikot sa palpak na business world ng PAL.
When PAL introduced back their flight in the United Kingdom in November 2013,  it does not even have a  local costumer service contact number. Duh!
Can PAL really compete globally?
                                                                              Best Regards,
                                                                                     HAZEL CARUMBA

P.S. Whilst finishing my message to you, I was interrupted by the airline’s Manila customer service informing me that we are going to refund our domestic flight so that we can book to another airline. My goodness, kinuha ko nga ang flight nila na 18:30 dahil sila lang ang may ganoong late flight. 

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