Sunday, March 10, 2013

Aquino should leave the Tausogs do the guerrilla war in Sabah

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 The Kiram led adventure in Sabah, Malaysia could be likened to Ho Chi Minh’s stealthier Vietcong’s ant versus the almost invincible Americans military's elephant.
 The guerrilla political leader advised his cracked men that eventually the elephant dies because of hemorrhage.
 History tells us that the Vietcongs in that war dictated what time to ambush the superior bullet vest sporting and fighter jets backed up American soldiers who eventually lost the war. 
If our government is too weak to assert our claim in Sabah, let the Tausogs do the yeoman’s job through guerrilla warfare. 
Let them strike and bleed the Malaysian’s Army on the sporadic long drawn war the former dictate. Malaysia just like the Americans in Vietnam will “crumble” in Sabah. 
 First Prime Minister Najib Razak losses his premier post in June after voting- card - carrying Filipinos who are exploited and abused there and who sympathized with the Kirams vote against his party the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), then foreign and local tourists and investors avoid the island like plague because of the bedlam, followed by the Malaysian government that negotiates and makes compromises with the claimants.
 This is the opportune time to assert our claim in Sabah without dragging our weakling government into a war.
 The least the Aquino Administration could do in this strife is to keep its mouth shut against the Kirams like its threat to file a baseless criminal cases of inciting to war , treason, sedition, and others.
 President Aquino should know that bringing the Sabah issue to the International Court of Justice for arbitration is already a futile exercise. 
 Ever since Malaysia does not want the ICJ to mediate in our historical claim despite it paying the Kirams a paltry P77 thousand a year rent versus it’s earning U.S$70 billion gross revenue a year from the southern Island. This is the opportune time for us to assert our rights in Sabah (our Constitution enshrined that we own it). Otherwise, we can just kiss the ass of the Malaysians for our Sabah claim as we settle for the lowly "Tondan" and "Lakatan" in our country.

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