Sunday, March 17, 2013

Blame P-Noy why Jamby, Jun, and Rissa are laggard

President Aquino (3rd from Right) goes to the side of his
cousin Bam (Extreme Left) in one of the Liberal Party's
I know now why senatorial bet Bam (not Bum, Mr. Niel Cruz) Aquino was hoisted from Nos. 9-10 (Social Weather Stations February 15-17 polls) to Nos. 4-9 (Pulse Asia February 24-28 survey). Aside from his aggressive TV ads where he exploited himself as a dead ringer of martyr Ninoy Aquino, his lineage to him (Tito Ninoy) and to former president Tita Cory Aquino, and his kuya Noynoy- the incumbent president , President Noy talked much about Bam in Alaminos City.
 In the rally in Dagupan City last Friday, the president crowed lengthily about his cousin's curriculum vitae, both of their father were imprisoned, Bam was a genius, would be earning a windfall in giant corporations who pursue him after he graduated magna cum laude in Ateneo de Manila, etc.
 But the president should know that the LP decided that the president and senatorial candidates should emphasize more on the wannabes who are “kulelat” (laggard) or outside the Top 12 of the pollsters Social Weather Stations and Pulse Asia.
 But the president seems not to honor this agreement but subtlety giving more mileage to his cousin Bam than the kulelat Jamby Madrigal, Ramon Magsaysay Jr. and Rissa Hontiveros who were enmeshed in Nos. 14-17, Nos. 16-18, and Nos. 17-18 in the latest poll of Pulse Asia, respectively.
 The adage that blood is thicker than water holds true in the rallies led by the president in the cities of Dagupan and Alaminos in March 15, 2013.
 The aging Jun Magsaysay could not hide his elite education. He used high level English words like “mantra”, and “tenets” that could not be understood by the mostly “hakot” (hauled) crowd dressed in yellow shirts of the Liberal Party.
 Senator, kaya pala kulelat kayo sa latest survey hangang ngayon hindi pa rin kayo natuto sa rally. Iyong mga iba doon kilala ko. Mga asawa ng mga basurero na nakatira sa slums ng Barangays Tapuac at Pantal. Ang alam lang ng mga pobre na iyon ay “bigas”, “kita” at “magkano”. Iyong mga highfalutin niyo are not in their vocabulary.
 They told me they got mental torture with what you were crowing as your feats. Many of them went home at 1:30 pm furious because their patrons Vice Mayor Belen Fernandez did not give them food and the promised P300.
 Mr. Magsaysay please ask former Congressman Ranjit Shahani how to exploit the hoi-poloi in a rally.
Ranjit does not speak the accented English he learned from Georgetown U.S.A, he did not speak the Indian language from his father, he did not speak even Tagalog. He spoke in the Ilocano vernacular with a rabble rousing spiel where the masses in Eastern Pangasinan vigorously clapped their hands and stomped their feet in his firebrand tirades to his political opponents.
Talking about “starving,” one of the media men who covered the LP rally in Alaminos City told his colleague that a day before the rally the Philippine Information Office briefed them about the nuances of the presidential visit.
 An official of the City Information Office of Alaminos City told them that the CIO would provide lunch of the media who would join the convoy of the president in the western Pangasinan city.
 According to the disenchanted media guy, they went home feeling sorry for themselves. Gubernatorial bet Nani Braganza should chide this CIO official not to treat shabbily the members of the fourth estate.
If you’re official could not back up what he promises to the media he should better shut up his mouth. His actuation could affect your electoral stocks as you tread to the May 13 poll.
Another media man told me that during the rally of Aquino, a mayor in the second district could not hide his disgust with the Liberal Party. “Pinagastos lang nila ako. Kung sinabi nila na hindi na sila dadaan dito hindi na ako gumastos sa mga nagpunta na mga tao,” he said.
 My source told me the supporters of the mayor could double the spectators that attended the rally of the LP in Alaminos City.
 It was learned that around one pm when the mayor was in the middle of his speech before the crowd, a liaison of the LP phoned him that the president cancelled his and the senatorial bets whistle stop in that town. “Kung sinabi nila na hindi na sila dadaan dito, hinakot ko na lang iyong mga tao sa Alaminos,” the distressed mayor hissed.
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