Monday, December 3, 2012

Blame Game between Benjie and Belen‘s camps heats up

By Dave Paragas

 DAGUPAN CITY – “An exaggeration at its best and a poorly-scripted drama at its worst!” This was the terse reaction of former Bonuan Gueset Punong Barangay Angel C. Gumarang to Vice Mayor Belen T. Fernandez’s allegations linking him to the case of harassment made on her convoy of vehicles while on its way home from a community meeting at around l0:30 p.m of November 22 in barangay Bonuan Boquig here. Gumarang, who is Mayor Benjie S. Lim’s consultant on barangay affairs, also took exception to insinuations that he is “very close” to the suspect, identified as Ricardo (alyas Rey) Ceralde whom Fernandez mistook as a candidate for councilor aligned with her mayoralty rival. “For the information of Madame Belen, it was the suspect’s younger brother Orlando Ceralde who filed his candidacy as an independent councilor and who is not even known personally by the mayor,” he said. Admitting that the suspect is his cousin, Gumarang said he has not seen Rey for several months and that her mother and his wife were “traumatized” upon hearing the vice mayor’s TV interview hinting of his alleged closeness with the suspect, a brother of his “arc detractor” named Ramie who ran for barangay kagawad under a slate opposed to his candidacy for barangay captain in the last barangay polls. “Tumulong si rey sa candidacy ni Ramie against me. So ano ang closeness ko sa kanila na sinasabi ni Madam Belen?”
And what will prompt me to be a part of the harassment? What will be the motive?” he asked. He added: “Firstly, mag-isa lang nung Toyota revo na menaneho ni Rey against the convoy of VM Belen, how could he inflict harm on Belen knowing that he’s alone and unarmed?” “Sabi nila, nakainom siya, bakit hindi na nila nilapitan? Hindi na nila tinanong, all of us know that Madam Belen is going out with some security escorts,” he said, pointing out that “if the incident is true, that could be easily documented because today, konting deprensya eh gumagamit na sila ng camera at navideo na sana nila para may ipakita silang evidence na totoo yang sinasabi nila?”
 He said that “amay Toyota revo, luganan nen antie Lydia, Rey’s mother and older sister nen Nancy Dy, who registered it under his name but the person who paid the vehicle was Mrs. Lydia Ceralde.” “So, yung Toyota Revo eh hindi hiniram dahil ina nya ang may-ari nito,” he said, adding “these are a product of a cheap political gimmick, someone is already desperate ya gawaen da tan.” He said that after he lost the barangay elections, “school bahay lang tayo, then all of us sudden, sasabihin nila inutusan ko tao nila, and that’s unfair, also on the part of Chief of Police Caramat and the camp of Mayor Lim.” “Some enterprising, but desperate politicians were trying to capitalize on the issue and make it appear that their rivals were out to sow terrorism so that their opponents will look bad in the eyes of the public,” he said. “Akin agda patawag natan or paaresto si Rey who is an engineer by profession, currently taking up law at Lyceum Universty ta pyan nakabat tayo no antoy nibaga to, and that’s exactly what we are trying to think,” he added.
 The suspect who has been in hiding after the failed attempt by city policemen to arrest him in his residence at barangay Bonuan Gueset allegedly blocked a number of times the convoy of vehicles boarded by the vice mayor and her running mate Michael Fernandez from Bonuan Boquig to barangay Lucao while the suspect was reportedly drunk.

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