Monday, December 24, 2012

P'sinan's politicos arming themselves with AK-47

Russian made AK-47 assault rifle invented by a Soviet Sgt. Mikhail Kalashnikov
Before a mayor of Pangasinan went to Infanta recently to pay his last respects to the slain Mayor Ruperto Martinez, I went near his Starex van.
He showed me two Russian-made folding- type Kalashnikov AK-47s sprawled at the floor of his car. “Why not use those M-15 A4 Carbine (baby M-16 Armalite used by U.S special forces in Afghanistan and Iraq) your family has been giving as gift to political friends, ” I asked him.
He just laughed. He told me AK-47 (that has a 100-round detachable box and drum style magazine) is much powerful than M–15. When I told this story two days later to a high elective official in Central Pangasinan who used to hire close-in body guards from Ilocos every election time, he told me he sold all his M-16s he bought before in lieu of the much powerful AK-47.
 I could not agree more. This Russian made assault rifle invented by an Ivan Sergeant Mikhail Kalashnikov has been known to have the same fire-power with the longer M-14 rifle (first entered service in 1957 and was used by the U.S Marines when they set foot in Vietnam in the early of 1960s).
 According to the online Wikepidia: “The main advantages of the Kalashnikov rifle are its simple design, fairly compact size, and adaptation to mass production. It is inexpensive to manufacture and easy to clean and maintain. Its ruggedness and reliability are legendary.
The AK-47 was initially designed for ease of operation and repair by glove-wearing Soviet soldiers in Arctic conditions. The large gas piston, generous clearances between moving parts, and tapered cartridge case d
To would- be- assassins, who would emulate how Mayor Martinez was killed in broad daylight; just take a pre-caution my dear killers.
The Toyota Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi Montero, or the Starex Van you want to ambush has probably a cache of full-jacket Kalash versus your .45 caliber hand gun.
Susmariosep, that would be a mismatch.
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