Monday, December 31, 2012

The Lims' candidacies

Vice Mayoralty Bet Brian Lim and mother Celia who runs for the congressional post
By Dave Paragas

 NEW YEAR SIGNIFIES a beginning and an end of something. It could be bad or good. And while the leopard cannot change its spots, it can do better by adapting to the circumstances, just like wise people do.
Take the case of some local political players, who seem to have embraced the politics of anything goes.
 I am referring to traditional politicians otherwise known as trapos, and while we can’t blame them for masquerading like they’re agents of change, their fruits cannot lie as their slips would readily show, but this may spell trouble.
 Think of the extravagant hopes and promises that attended our emptiness three years ago, a time when choosing the right candidate could be as hard as taking care of our dignity when trapos extended their hands with money and goodies that fill the hungry stomach of the poor and even the rich.
 This year (2013) would be no different – politically that is – given the kind of electors we have in this country long saddled with the disquieting issues of immorality, poverty and the like. Today, nothing really may change for the better. In past political exercises, we witnessed how voters prostituted their right of suffrage by selling their votes (like commercial products in the market) to the highest bidders.
 Many voters went for traditional and transactional politics, highlighting what was repeatedly observed as a culture of irresponsibility. There’s a crying need to instill into the minds of electors the value of responsible voting. The choice of our leaders should never be compromised was the oft-repeated exhortation aired by moralists that usually falls on deaf ears.
 As a positive thinker, I haven’t lost faith in our political system. I still believe that the coming elections could be seen by our fellow voters as a golden opportunity to change the wayward course of our nation’s politics. This New Year should remind us of our solemn obligation to vote wisely and intelligently. THE POLITICAL GRAPEVINE From the political grapevine came reports that the announced bids of Manang Celia Lim (for congresswoman in the province's fourth district), Dagupan reelectionist Mayor Benjamin S. Lim and Councilor Marc Brian C. Lim (for vice mayor) was a welcome decision that may – literally or otherwise – give their respective rivals a run for their money. For the three Nacionalista Party stalwarts, leading a powerhouse coalition is risky, a tall order rather. But many voters see in them an inspiring, energizing and engaging leadership that could further give a sense of purpose and direction to the advocacies of good governance they have remarkably set for their constituents. What sets the Lim candidacies apart from others is the trio’s proven reputation as politicians with a will and commitment to make a difference in the field of governance.

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