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Difference of a U.S solon to his Filipino counter-part

 U.S Rep. Anthony David Weiner (Democrats, District 9, New York

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza 
When I was encoding my news at my PC (“Personal Computer” to peasants out there who just learned how to read) last week, I saw a “commotion” between a U.S congressman and members of the media at Fox TV that was at the back of my lap tap.

The latter were irresistible on their queries, while the former was immovable on his denial.
What denial? That he did not Tweet a picture of him in underwear bulging with his erect dick for a single mom in Seattle, USA.
“Somebody hacked my Twitter Account,” incessantly declared by U.S Rep. Anthony David Weiner (Democrats, District 9, New York).
Could not resist my curiosity on this crotch- thing, I hit my laptop’s keyboard and Goggled the solon and the brouhahas he found himself intertwined.


Daily News of New York (NY quoted Weiner “Weiner said he had traded lewd photos and X-rated messages with six women he had never met over the past three years, mostly through Facebook, emails and Twitter direct messages”.
Three days later when I was browsing news on my net, I saw Weiner at CNN no longer the toughed talkin’- take- no- prisoner solon who combatively brushed with some of his fellow congressmen and sharply and passionately criticized them at social medias.  Instead I saw a cowed- teary- eyed- loser who sobbed in-between his statements.
He told all and sundry about his Tweet in Seattle, and he asked for forgiveness because, susmariosep, he lied through his teeth that somebody (his supporters and his p.r in the Dems accused the Republicans) hacked his social media account.
But what made him came into open was not sheer remorse but some of his sexually explicit Tweets’ photos have found their way to a conservative Republican leaning blog’s owned by the now vindicated Andrew Breitbart.
Some of his photos and messages were sent to that former porn star, casino worker, and other hot moms whom Wiener had contacted in the past years.
So what made a Filipino congressman and - let’s include - Filipino Senators different to Weinergate:  Weiner lives in America, where explicit acts and immoral misdemeanors cost the positions of  Louisiana Senator David Vitter ( who cheated on his wife with hookers) Florida Rep Mark Foley (who sent squalid e-mails to teenage boys); and Idaho effeminate Senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig, who got busted by a detective for lewdness in an airport’s rest room.
All three are Republicans who resigned in disgraced except Vitter who remains in the Senate.
Walang sinabi ang mga ito to our national elective and appointive officials who were ubiquitously and nakedly plundering the coffer as if there are no tomorrow.  These son-of-guns would fight tooth and nail to preserve their post –por Dios por Santo – like leeches and ka-palmuks!
Sexual misdemeanors like what Weiner has done are kids play to our more audacious politicians.
Remember what the take of former president Joseph “Erap” Estrada after his contemporary former U.S president Bill Clinton was caught in a sexual scandal” red handed” spurting his semen to the dress  of White House intern Monica Lewinsky?
“Bill got all the scandals, I got all the sex,” he said in humor among the amused media men.
Man, it’s really amusing, because while Filipino media folks guffawed, their counter parts in the U.S were up- in- arms.  
If Erap is a U.S official it would cause a furor and everybody would be after his scalp.
Unfortunately, he lives in the Flip or Filipino Country.
My neighbor here Brando Cortez reacted on my April 10, 2011 column “Don’t Re-Elect Members of the SP”.
He said I should not have named some elected provincial officials and I should have named Board Members Alfonso Bince and Von Mark Mendoza whom he said I omitted in this column.
Why I did not name the two provincial dads? Simple, they were in their last term as members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. It means they are not allowed by law in the same post for re-election in 2013.
Here another piece that makes political analysis sweet.
Columnist Artemio V. Panganiban of the Philippine Daily Inquirer reacted recently to the statement of de kampanilya lawyer  Bonifacio A. Alentajan who wrote that the Office of the Ombudsman (OMB), like the fiscals and prosecutors, is authorized to bind the Republic as the offended party in the Plea Bargaining Agreement of convicted plunderer retired General Carlos Garcia because the OMB is the public prosecutor in graft cases.
This how Panganiban analyzed the statements of Alentajan: “True, the OMB—not the fiscals— prosecutes graft cases. True also, the Supreme Court has ruled that fiscals could give the consent of the Republic as the offended party in a PBA. However, the OMB is not in the same situation as fiscals. Fiscals are subalterns of the secretary of justice who in turn is an alter ego of the President, and thus could act for him. On the other hand, being an independent office that is not under the control and supervision of the President, the OMB is not a subaltern of the President and cannot represent the latter. In short, while the secretary of justice and the subaltern-fiscals can represent the President, the OMB—being an independent entity—cannot”.
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