Wednesday, June 29, 2011


By: Rex R. Lor

Sitting nonchalantly on a corner chair in an otherwise deserted library on an ordinary recess period, Keefe, as he is called by his friends, slowly reads through a book which he got from the new arrivals section.  Sometimes, a small smile is discernible in the corner of his lips, and as a teacher, you know it is wrong to disturb a boy engrossed in imagination.

Ryn Keefe Gabrielle M. Bautista, sure looks like an ordinary bespectackled boy. But beneath this facade is a SILVER MEDALIST in the 8th NATIONAL SCIENCE QUEST – QUIZ BEE COMPETITION last February 2-4, 2011 at the Pedro Guevarra National High School in San Pedro, Laguna.  After losing only 1 point from the current champion, he is now fixed on working hard and taking the crown in 2012.

Ryn Keefe is best described as an an explorer – an adventurer who loves to discover new things through reading.  His favorite topic in Reading has always been Science or any story book in Science.  His father, Mr. Larry Bautista, a public school teacher from Malued Elementary School, recounts that even as a toddler, he has always been interested in watching the Discovery Channel and has always been fascinated with books – the perfect formula for a future Scientist.

Mr. Bautista recounted that he was happy that Keefe studies at Escuela de Nuestra Sra. de La Salette (Tapuac, Dagupan City), a De La Salle Supervised School.  His Alma Mater nurtured him and expanded his potentials having been exposed to a number of training opportunities and activity exposures with top La Salle schools such as La Salle Green Hills and De La Salle University.  He is one of the many recipients of Leadership seminars handled by Professors from the two La Salle schools.  Keefe was one of the highest achievers in De La Salle Supervised School Achievement Test (DELASSAT) with a 92% percentile.  He also was part of the team who became the Champion in the De La Salle Supervised Schools Cultural Show at the De La Salle University in Taft Avenue, Manila.

A Math Wiz and a perennial Gold Achiever, he also has consistently bagged various awards in school competitions such as the Institutional Spelling Bee, Search for the Outstanding School Leader, and Song Competitions.  Ryn Keefe also participated and won in the DepEd Dagupan City Division English Olympics, grabbing prizes for Spelling Bee and Poem Recitation.  He recently got a Bronze medal among 38 participants in the Dagupan City-sponsored Sukata’y Talisiw last June 17, 2011.

To date, his love for Science has added more laurels to his collection.  He won 1st Place in the DepEd Dagupan City Division Regional Elementary Science Quest - Quiz Competition and later on won again 1st Place in the Regional Elementary Science Quest – Quiz Competition.``

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