Friday, June 3, 2011

Congrats Senator Zubiri, mag-painom na kayo!

Senator Migz Zubiri

Neric Acosta should be hating big time Senator Migz Zubiri for his failed bid to get the top plum of the Department of Environment & Natural Resources this month.
Acosta did not make it because of the aggressive lobbies in the media by his enemies. One of them was Zubiri—a bitter political rival in Bukidnon .
Migz should be treating me a round of beer and finger-food na kambing because his crusade against Acosta has comes into fruition.
As you know, every time Migz comes in my humongous province Pangasinan he gave countless stiffed jabs of Larry Holmes on the impending cabinet appointment of failed Liberal Party senatorial candidate Acosta.
In that countless jabs and interjected by power punches, I wrote ‘em all in my column for all and sundry in the world to read.
If Migz would not tell insistent TV5 talk show host Richard Gordon who was that person groomed for the cabinet who has a pending case, he told us here for several times the name of that person
He decried Neric’s pending case at Sandiganbayan (court for criminally charged government officials).
He said former government officials like Acosta should not be appointed as secretary because it would embarrass President Aquino.
The term “embarrassed” I believed made Aquino to abandon Acosta for the post at DENR.
I could not understand Mareng Winnie Monsod when she wrote in her column at the Inquirer that “another good man has gone”
How can Acosta be a “good man”? According to Zubiri, he siphoned a portion of his yearly P70 million Priority Development Assistance Fund or infamously known as “Pork Barrel” to the cooperative ran by his mother. Migz said the mother of Acosta get the salaries of the workers of the cooperative, a private entity, from the “pork”.
Susmariosep, Monsod and Acosta should know that no public funds should be appropriated to private purposes as mandated by the constitution.
Otherwise, that public official faces an Anti-Graft & Corrupt Practices Act.
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Former Congressman Neric Acosta. A Frustrated bet for DENR's top post

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