Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dad nixes Exec Logic “Only 4-Storey Bldg in Growth Area”

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – A councilor disagreed to the declaration of an executive of the local government here that only four-storey building is allowed in the new growth center.
Councilor Netu Tamayo said that the four-storey edifices are only allowed in the western side of the Lucao-Pantal Road.
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A photo grabbed of a modern city. Photo Credit: 2Modern
“It’s only in the western side for the four-storey. Aside from it and far from the western side skyscrapers are allowed,” Tamayo, one of the few outspoken lawmakers at the Sangguniang Panglungsod, cited.
Earlier, Director Nicanor Melecio of the Public Alert and Response and Monitoring Center disputed the photo of PNAN News, one of the biggest online sites in Pangasinan, about the photo- grab that complement the news article’s “Dagupan Mayor Crows World-Class Features of New City”.

“Fantasy.This illustration, most probably cut out from some magazine, which contains skyscrapers, is an overstatement of what the Dagupan geophysical terrain can sustain. JICA experts who conducted their investigation immediately after the 1990 Killer Earth Quake recommended that building should be four storeys high only. Anyhing beyond that should be reinforced with deep piles,” he opined.
But a long experienced civil engineer contradicted Melecio’s thesis.
He said the contention of Melecio and those of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) that buildings in the Pantal-Lucao Road should be 4-storey high are farfetched. The engineer, who asked anonymity, cited investors like Megaworld, Ayala, and others could construct even up to 50 - storey as long as they tested the soil and how the base would handle the weight of the building. He based the existence of those 10 -storey or more scrappers at the reclamation sites at the sea in Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City near SM Mall of Asia, Dubai where tall edifices were built on the reclamation on the sea and those artificial islands in Hong Kong and Singapore.
When asked if the four-storey premise of Melecio has been backed up by an ordinance, Tamayo instead answered that the logic on the four-storey structure is for those buildings not to hamper the view of the river to those people in the buildings behind them.

The  Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of Dagupan City (2015-2025) did not say that all edifices in the growth center are limited to four-storey.

Section 19 of the law says “There is no prescribed building height limits in these zones. The height limits of buildings which may be built in hazardous locations shall be regulated by national laws, regulations and other provisions in this Ordinance in order to reduce risk or potential hazard.
Exceptions on the no prescription of edifices are the following Residential Zones:
“1.Structures within R-1 zones shall not exceed three (3) storeys or a height of ten (10) meters from the highest natural grade line in the property or front sidewalk (main entry) level to the topmost of the structure whichever is lower; 2. Structures within R-2 zones shall not exceed five (5) storeys or a height of fifteen (15) meters from the highest natural grade line in the property or front sidewalk (main entry) level to the topmost of the structure whichever is lower”.
The fear of the limitation of the height of the building is based on investor’s return of investment as seen by an opinion writer who asked not to be named:

The fear of limiting the construction of the buildings to four storeys would discourage investors in coming here as they could not recoup the price of a hectare of land that cost say half-a-billion pesos where they could not maximize their investment in building up to 30 storeys. Besides, how could the city limit the height of the building when the Region-1 Medical Center is going to build an eleven storeys' structures?” he posed.

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