Monday, September 19, 2016

BI to foreigners : Come out and register

DAGUPAN CITY – The Bureau of Immigration (BI) in this city encouraged all undocumented foreign nationals in Pangasinan to come out and comply with the immigration laws by registering at their office to avoid facing charges.

Paulino Versoza, alien control officer of BI-Dagupan City, said the immigration office here urges immigrants to register or renew their registration and other documents to prevent being penalized with fines or imprisonment.

“Through the community participation program, our target is to urge them to come out in to the open and register to make their stay in the province legal,” said Versoza adding that their registration will enhance the revenue collection of the country.

He said based on their records, the approximate number of registered foreigners in Pangasinan reaches 1,600.

More than 800 are restricted nationals and the other half are non-restricted nationals.

“Immigrants needing a proper visa to enter the Philippines are classified as restricted nationals while foreigners coming from country which has diplomatic ties or bilateral agreement with the Philippines and is no longer required to secure an entry visa are classified as non-restricted national,” Versoza said.

Versoza said that the most common violation of foreigners in the province is overstaying and working without permit.

He added that foreigners staying in the country are required to register annually to the immigration office on the first 60 days of the year. (PIA-1, Pangasinan)

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