Monday, June 3, 2013

Why Agbayani defeated Libunao in San Fabian

NEW KID IN TOWN: Mayor-elect Danny Agbayani (R) and
 President Benigno
Aquino III

WHITHER LIBUNAOS? Former mayor Mojamito Libunao
and defeated mayor Irene Libunao
SAN FABIAN – A village chief who supported the newly elected mayor here explained the reason why defeated reelectionist mayor Irene Libunao lost the May 13, 2013 poll. Jaimie B. Verona, Chairman of Barangay Rabon here, said that Libunao was not on the level of mayoral elect Constante Agbayani in winning the minds and souls of the people here. “Maraming bagay iyan. Si Dan Agbayani matulungin at alam niya lahat ng problema ng buong San Fabian,” he stressed. Aside for her non-being an original resident here, Verona continued that Libunao did not know the real problems of the people in every village.

“Sa kabila wala naman kaming nakikita na mga proyekto dito sa bayan ng San Fabian, “ Varona, a battle scarred and retired Marine , said. The defeated lady mayor and her husband Mojamito, an elected Board Member, have reined the mayorship of this town for almost two decades.
 A source who asked anonymity said one of the factors that Libunao lost the mayoral contest because prominent political families like the Maglibas, Villegases, and Gubatans have rallied behind Agbayani to trounce the hegemony of the Libunaos once and for all.
The source continued that one of the issues that undermined the electoral stock of the outgoing mayor was when she stopped the funding from the municipal coffer of the street lights in the poblacion area that made this town in total darkness every night. “Dumilim at pumangit ang San Fabian,” the source quipped. Agbayani used to be the confidante of Libunaos before he was elected as the hizzoner here.
 He was the president of the Association of Barangay Councils -- a platform where he endeared himself with the masses here through his recommendation for them for free medication at government hospitals like the Region 1 Medical Center.
All of these recommendations were complement of his connections with national officials like congressmen. According to that published the result of the May 13 poll from the Commission on Election, Agbayani got 18,681 votes while Libunao of the Nationalist Peoples Coalition captured 12,335 votes only. In the Vice Mayoralty, Leopoldo Manalo (UNA) won with 13,303 votes while Rufino Magliba III (LP) and Rose Marcella (IND) settled to 12,623, 3,952 votes respectively. (Mortz C. Ortigoza)

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