Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bataoil: To sue or not to sue Lokin


By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 DAGUPAN CITY – Reelected congressman Leopoldo Bataoil of the Second District of Pangasinan is thinking whether to file a criminal case against losing congressional rival Maria Bianca Kim Lokin and Oliver Ortega who filed cases against him. “This camp has not acted on the case yet,” Bataoil said after he was asked in a press conference if he will file a criminal case against the two of incriminating innocent person. The solon was in Mangatarem, Pangasinan barnstorming when Ortega, a supporter of Lokin, included him in his complaint affidavit after he was allegedly forcefully brought by the supporters of Bataoil that included his brother Ramon, a municipal councilor, at the house of the latter in Barangay Libsong East in Lingayen.
 According to news reports Ortega got the ire of Ramon and company after he took photos of them distributing dole-outs at Brgy. Libsong in behalf of the solon.
 The complainant said the councilor threatened to kill him unless he surrenders his camera that was spirited away by his companion who absconded when he was apprehended in a vehicle chased by the group of Ramon. Ortega charged Bataoil with kidnapping and graved threat. Many believed however that Ortega was used allegedly by Lokin to undermine the political stocks of the congressman.
 “We will answer those allegations in a proper forum,” he said in an earlier interview with this paper. He said he was still waiting for the letter subpoena from the court after Lokin filed a disqualification case against him because of that incident. Meanwhile, Bataoil lauded Data Advisor Inc. (DTI), for its almost accurate survey 20 days before the May 13 election that showed him winning by 81.9 percent against Lokin’s 18.1 percent. “Yes, the survey was very accurate (after the partial counting of) 81 percent versus 10 percent,” he said after he was proclaimed by the Commission on Election in May 15. “It appears the result was still partial kaya let’s wait for the final tally to see how close the real score is on the survey,” he continued.
 DAI, a Manila based poll firm believed to be hired by Governor Amado T. Espino, commissioned the 2,500 18 years old and above respondents on April 19 to 25 equally distributed in Pangasinan except this city which is a chartered independent component city. According to the Comelec through Rappler.Com Bataoil ,Natonalist Peoples Coalition and Biskeg Parties, got an actual 110,426 votes while Lokin, Liberal Party, settled for 40,433 Votes.

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