Friday, May 31, 2013

Lim opens his eyes, family put earphones to prop up senses


 Victorious and vindicated San Miguel Lights beer guzzling reelected Board Member Ranjit Ramos Shahani listen as I speak Sanskrit on the following:
 In the exchanges between defeated vice gubernatorial candidate Art Lomibao and his wife Jackie at the social media Face Book, Art said that he was lukewarm to run under losing gubernatorial bet Nani Braganza when Braganza and former Vice Governor Oscar Lambino invited him to join the Liberal Party. Art told them incase he decided to join the race he would not spend a single cent since the monies in his savings account are intended for the future of his family.
Nani and Oscar, he said, acquiesced to his proposal.
 But despite of that initial meeting he said he was still tentative in running. He was apprehensive about the incredible political machinery of Espino, his classmate at the Philippine Military Academy, that he and Nani would be facing. “If we spend P500 million, Espino can spend P1 billion,” he said at Face Book, where photo copies of that exchanges with his wife was shown to me by somebody.
 “Tentative Art” said he got the jolt of his life in a meeting in Manila arranged by Braganza with Secretary Mar Roxas of the Department of Interior & Local Government.
 He said Roxas shook his hand and congratulated him for acceding to be Braganza’s vice governor. "Why he was congratulating me when I have not yet acquiesce to the proposal of Nani?," he posed.
 Kaya hayon napasubo tuloy si Art dito sa eleksiyon.
 The worst thing the spouses experienced was they felt they were cheated by the PCOS. "The odds were 8-2 in our favor whenever we go to the barangays," one of them commented at Face Book.
I overheard that last May 29 Mayor Benjie S. Lim of Dagupan City has opened for the first time his eyes
and his iris moved. Then he closed them again as he was confined at his bed since his stroke in the eve of May 12. A source said that the family, in a hospital in Manila, put an earphone where a music has been played (probably Beatles songs his favorite) to the outgoing mayor so it can stimulate his senses.
Was this true Vice Mayor-elect Brian Lim?

 It would not bode well for Lim's favored contractors at the city hall incase the rumor was true that the defeated mayor is still physically unable. Two contractors told me that they got P2 million and P10 million collectibles respectively in their transaction with city hall.
 The problem is Lim could not sign the check and acting mayor Belen Fernandez was not privy to sign them. She was procrastinating so that when she assumed office in June 30 she could scrutinize first the veracity if there were onerous contracts the checks represented before she signed on the proverbial dotted lines.
To those nervous contractors, pray that Lim recuperate soon so he could report at City Hall before the end of his term in June 30 this year otherwise you can see your check hangs on the air.

The May 13 poll was a windfall to some publishers and media men in Pangasinan.
One earns P4 million for just printing P.R materials of an entity in Manila while another earns almost P700, 000 in printing black propagandas. I was told that even a lay out artist received tens of thousands of pesos when an insider of the Commission on Election asked him that, brace yourself, a COMELEC bigwig would fund the dissemination of the materials he designed with the condition he (enterprising bigwig) got 50 percent of the profit after he funded the scheme.
 (Was it in the aftermath of 2010 election that a certain top COMELEC official showboated to his scandalized personnel his newly purchased S.U.V?)
While another smarting lay out artist who spent sleepless nights in creating a black props told me that he got a pittance while his patron got hundreds of thousands of pesos from the proceeds of the newspaper he made.
 Another media man has been freaking out because until now he has not yet received the promised P50 thousand pesos from the P100, 000 he agreed with his benefactor to make bad the latter rival in his program.
 Another newspaper writer was apprehensive because some tough looking guys in an SUV without a plate have been looking for him.
The reason: He and a companion were commissioned to make black propaganda to be distributed a day before the May 13 poll but until now they were not yet able to give even a page of an eight- page blackprop to their furious boss who lost the poll.
Susmariosep, was this a yarn?
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