Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ravanzo in, Moreno out at Register of Deeds

Former Election Officer Ravanzo (3rd from Left) with Governor
Amado T. Espino.

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 DAGUPAN CITY –Former City Election Officer Remarque Ravanzo of this city is being groomed to replace lawyer Rufino Moreno as the head of the Register of Deeds (RD) here.
 “Just waiting for Remarqe to assume office and for the turn over. I have packed my things already ,“Moreno in a text message said.
 Moreno has been the acting head of RD for the past year after he was reassigned because of reorganization at RD in Lingayen. Moreno did not say where he would be reassigned.
Meanwhile, a source at the RD in Lingayen, who asked for anonymity, said RD offices all over the country have been using modern technologies to improve its land records management system. Recently, a combination of microfilm and computerized database systems has greatly improved the security, reliability and accessibility of land title information of those registries where this technology has been applied. RD is under the Land Registration Authority (LRA).
 The source said the RD issues decrees of registration pursuant to final judgment of the courts in land registration proceedings and causes the issuance by a registrar of deeds of the corresponding certificate of title. It is tasked to issue all subsequent or transfer certificates of title which may either be issued judicially or administratively. It keeps the title history or records of transaction involving titled or registered lands. It exercises control over the disposition or alienation of registered lands in accordance with existing government rules and regulations.

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