Friday, May 17, 2013

Brian denies Mayor Lim's Death

Vice Mayor-Elect Vice Mayor Brian Lim

Stroke victim Mayor Benjie S. Lim

My Dear City mates,

 I wish to clarify news and wild reports regarding the reported death of my father, Mayor Benjie Lim by a local weekly paper which has consistently maligned and attacked my father since 2001 after he first won the mayoralty race against the owner and publisher of that paper who lost in that race. There is no truth to those reports. Due to demands of the political campaign, Mayor Lim forgot to take his diabetes medication and his blood sugar shot up and suffered a stroke. He was eventually brought to a local hospital to get proper medical treatment. Thankfully, his condition was stabilized and he was transferred to a Manila hospital for further treatment. I appeal to our political opponents and their supporters to observe some sense of decency and propriety regarding the Mayor's condition. The election is over and let's get rid of the venom of mudslinging especially in this most difficult and challenging times for our family. I call on our supporters and well-meaning Dagupeños to remain calm and steadfast. I thank you for the mandate you have bestowed upon me and for the continuing support, love, and care for our city mayor. Let us all continue to pray for his speedy recovery. God bless Dagupan!



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