Sunday, April 29, 2012

VM Gorospe urges workers to sign their DTR honestly

Vice Mayor Onofre “Bong” Gorospe

By Atong V. Remogat

URDANETA CITY – Vice Mayor Onofre “Bong” Gorospe has urged all Sangguniang Panlunsod employees under his watch to sign their daily time record regularly correctly or they may face “ no payment of their salaries”.

The order was made by Gorospe upon learning that most if not all casual and regular employees are no longer signing their DTR honestly.

He said that during important occasions and emergency call for these employees incase they are needed they can not be located in their area of responsibility but have perfect number of days and time during pay days.

“ In the absence of our daily time record machine for the meantime I am appealing to our SP workers to sign or put in the logbook their presence that they are reporting in their job regularly”. Gorospe said.

“ Ang naging problema dito masyado tayong maluwag sa ating mga empleyado na mukhang inaabuso naman tayo.Pag kailangan mo sila, hindi mo sila mahagilap pero naka - on time naman ang record nila, kawawa naman ang siyudad lalo na ang ating mga tax payer na siyang nagbabayad sa kanila pero hindi ginagampanan ang tunay na  tungkulin nila”. He added.

Earlier, Gorospe said that the whole employees, SP staff and all elected city councilors jointly attended a two days team building workshop among themselves in San Fabian town last week were they discussed vital legislative agenda on how to be more effective in supporting the chief executive mission and vision for the betterment and progress of the city.

Majority of these legislators have thrown their full support to Mayor Amadeo GregorioBobom” E Perez IV for his unequivocal leadership and have pledged to be more supportive comes 2013 election. (With Mortz C. Ortigoza)

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