Saturday, October 15, 2011

Urdaneta accepts Mangaldan’s wastes

The soft-spoken Mayor Hermie Romero of Mangaldan exhorts his constituents to observe religiously the segregation of their waste to help mitigate the rubbish problem his town faces.

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
URDANETA CITY – Mayor Amado Perez IV  said  he welcomed  towns in Pangasinan like Mangaldan to dump their garbage in the city’s sanitary landfill,  but with limitations.
Perez said  Mangaldan Mayor Herminio Romero can dump his town’s garbage at the landfill anytime, but has to pay the tipping fee of P900 per ton.
He said  Alcala dumped  five  tons a week of segregated garbage at the P220 million sanitary landfill located at Brgy. Catablan here.
During the ecological rally in Mangaldan recently, Romero said that just like neighboring Dagupan City, his town could face problem  at the town’s limited dumpsite areas,  unless residents cooperate by segregating their wastes before disposing.
He said his administration resorted to a control dumpsite in Brgy. Banaoang that he wanted to convert into an ecological park.
Perez said he gave limit to other Local Government Units because he feared that the landfill will be full up in five years time, and even less if the garbage is not segregated.
“Parang dumpsite sa Tarlac, sira na,”he explained.
He said this city disposes 40 to 50 tons of segregated wastes daily.
He said this city officials have not yet computed if the P220 million loan from the Land Bank of the Philippines can be recouped after this city accepts garbage of other towns and cities.
Perez clarified that the construction of the multi-million of pesos landfill was primarily created to solve this city’s growing garbage problem.

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