Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mata to look into inn’s “commercial sex” operations

IN THE NAME OF PRURIENCE: Prostitutes proliferate in Arellano Street and Brgy Bonuan Gueset in Dagupan City. According to some sex connoisseurs a short time for each of these beauties in some motels there pitch for a measly P300. But media men Harold Barcelona and Ronel de Vera warned patrons that this fire sale ala "hukay-hukay" of flesh is nothing to the repercussion it brings:  "P300 nga ang presyo, P3 thousand naman ang presyo ng anti-biotech sa kuryente".

DAGUPAN CITY – City Administrator Vlad T. Mata has vowed to look into the petition of affected residents that a newly-built travelers’ inn in sitio Catacdang, barangay Bonuan Gueset here has been operating as a commercial sex establishment in front of a Catholic chapel in violation of  existing laws.
                Mata made the pledge after receiving a letter from Punong Barangay Rico Mejia endorsing to the office of Mayor Benjamin S. Lim the petition signed by more than one  hundred irate residents calling for the immediate revocation of the business permit and closure of the Nobili’s Inn reportedly owned by a San Fabian resident.
“I have referred the petition to acting City Legal Officer Roy Laforteza for his comments and recommendation and to determine whether the allegations of complaining residents are true or not,” he said.   
The petitioners led by Rev. Fr. Allen Romero, parish priest of the Annunciation of the Lord Parish, and Purok leader Aurelia “Coring” Rubinol,  said that the construction of the  Nobili’s Inn violated an existing city ordinance prohibiting the operation of beerhouses, night clubs and other “sin and flesh” establishments  within 200 –meter radius from religious and learning institutions;
They said the Inn operates in a thickly-populated residential district and its actual location is a spitting distance from the chapel named Santa Cruz de Mayo;
                “The Inn is widely perceived as a trysting place for the satisfaction of lovers’ lust and sexual urge, which frontally desecrates the sacredness  of our chapel as a place for worship,” the petitioners added;
                They alleged that prostitutes and other commercial sex workers reportedly ply their nefarious trade in the area as evidenced by the regular presence  of pimps who are allegedly paid on a commission basis for doing match-up jobs between men and women with the  Inn in question  as the place of their illicit sexual activities.
                They said bold shows involving nude women are allegedly being held inside the inn presumably to attract customers, sometimes creating loud noise during unholy and wee hours, violating the peace and  tranquility of nearby houses.
                “The immoral acts and activities obtaining in the inn highly constitute a breach of morals and civility that could jeopardize the future of our children and fellow barangay residents,” they pointed out. – CIO -LVP

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