Friday, October 7, 2011

Manay Gina announces her P147M flood control projects in Dagupan

PINK OCTOBER: Rep. Gina de Venecia (4th District, Pangasinan) leads the House of Representatives in celebrating Pink October - the breast cancer awareness and prevention month. Photo shows De Venecia during an actual breast screening campaign conducted at the the Medical-Dental Service of the HOR. In her privilege speech, she calls on the Department of Health to source cheaper medicines for breast cancer treatments to bring it within the reach of the patients, and be more aggressive in the breast cancer awareness campaign in view of Philippine Breast cancer Network report that the Philippines has the highest incidence rate of breast cancer in Asia. 

Rep. Gina de Venecia announces that she has given priority to projects that directly address the flooding problem in Dagupan City.
In an interview last Monday, at the opening of the Children's Congress, she said that she has allotted a total of 147 million to construct five major road and drainage system projects in the city. First of which is the on-going construction of road and drainage system of Bonuan Gueset, to be finished this December, worth P45M.
The other four (4) projects, which will start at the first quarter of 2012 are: Rehabilitation of the drainage along Arellano- Bani, and concreting of road shoulder, from Dawel to Tanap bridge, worth P18.5 million; Raising of grade and construction of drainage of Mayombo, from junction of Perez Boulevard to Villaflor hospital, worth 47 million; Raising of grade and rehabilitation of drainage of Tapuac section, from Trauma Hospital to the junction of Amado Street, worth 16.5 million, and the; Raising of grade and construction of drainage of Lucao section, from the junction of old De Venecia Hi-way to the junction of new De Venecia hi- way, worth 20 million.
In addition, Rep. De Venecia haseight (8) on-going drainage system projects in the city. The following are the drainage system of : Dagupan City National High School; Barangay Bolosan;Barangay Bacayao Norte;Sitio Boquig and Sagur in Barangay Mamalingling; Barangay Herrero Perez;Barangay Tambac;Francisco Duque Sr. road in Barangay Tapuac and Cassimira Claveria road in Barangay Malued.
She said that the budget of her office is quite limited but this didn't dissuade her from knocking on doors of national agencies to get funding for her district projects.
Rep. De Vencia's office also distributed a total of 173 bags of relief goods to help the victims of the two typhoons Quiel and Pedring. Among the recipients were the evacuees in Dagupan Astrodome, Coastal Area of Bonuan Gueset and Bonuan Binloc, Barangay Pantal, and coastal area of Barangay Nibaliw- Narvarte, San Fabian.
During the typhoon Pedring, a thousand relief bags were likewise distributed to the affected families in the coastal area of Bonuan Gueset and Bonuan Binloc, and in Barangay Lasip Chico, Lasip Grande, Pogo Grande, Lucao, Malued, Pogo Chico, Bacayao Sur, Bacayao Norte, Mangin and Mamalingling.

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