Wednesday, August 17, 2011

P-Noy should have vision to RP’s run-away population- Rep. Cojuangco

The author after his interview with Rep. Kimi Cojuangco at the swanky bayside residence of former House Speaker Joe  and Rep. Gina de Venecias in Dagupan City.

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
DAGUPAN CITY- A pro-Reproductive Health lady solon said that the president of this country should have a vision on how to do with her spiralling and bourgeoning population.
Rep.Kimi Cojuangco (5th District, Pangasinan) could not imagine a small country like the Philippines besieged by a 100 million run-away population
She recalled that when she was a mayor of a 4th Class town Sison in Pangasinan she was “barred” to provide contraceptives at the town’s and villages’ health clinics as it would opposed the “anti-contraceptives” policy of the then Gloria Arroyo Administration.
“Ganito iyan, depende kung sino ang presidente. Kung anti-RH Bill ang president, it would not be available. Kung pro-RH Bill ang president it would be available. Hindi naman puweding ganoon. Dapat merong vision kung saan papunta ang bansa natin”.
She said that during her mayoral stint, there was a list for essential medicines that towns in the country should procure.
“That time 4th class municipality ang Sison, saan kami kukuha ng perang pambili ng contraceptives?, “ she posed.
She hoped that the enabling law of the RH Bill should mandate that every municipality will provide contraceptives to people who want to plan their family.
“Walang puwersahan. Kung gusto mo ng sampung anak, go ahead! kailangan mo ng tulong, at gusto mo mag plano ng anak ninyo, tatlong anak lang, you can come to your municipyo, to your health clinic at humingi ka ng libring contraceptives”.
She said that three decades ago Asian neighbour Thailand has the same population with the Philippines. But now it tamed almost by half her population compared to the latter.
According to the CIA World Fact Book, Thailand has a July, 2011 populaltion estimate of 66,720.153, while the Philippines has 101,833,938.
 The former has a 2010 estimated Gross Domestic Product- Per Capita Income of U.S $8,700, while the latter has U.S $ 3,5500.
Rep. Cojuangco was here recently as a guest of former House Speaker Joe and Rep. Gina  de Venecia  at their swanky bayside residence in Brgy. Bonuan Binloc.

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