Friday, August 26, 2011

PNP’s Unholy Trinity: Gambling, Drugs, and Prostitution

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
I just browsed recently some “sensitive” leaks released by Wikileaks from the U.S Embassy to the Internet about police corruptions in the Philippines. As a columnist for sometimes now I rubbed elbows with some middle and upper ranked officials of the Philippine National Police (PNP), susmariosep, I could not agree more to these incriminating releases.
Here are some excerpts how the “Kano (Americans)” and their moles derisively look at our police force in this Julian Assange (Wikileaks’s founder) illegal expose’ entitled “Law enforcement corruption in the Philippines”.

It says there that the Americans compared the PNP to police forces in gangster Al Capone’s Chicago and the Los Angeles, California police in the 1940s.

“The Philippine National Police is the most corrupt national institution in the Philippines. Corruption in the PNP and related agencies stems primarily from the unholy trinity of gambling, drugs, and prostitution that beset law enforcement organizations worldwide. However, PNP corruption is exacerbated by Philippine Law, which gives local officials control  over the appointment and dismissal of local PNP commanders, encouraging corrupt city mayors to make common cause with dishonest police commanders,” stressed by Wikileaks’ whose motto written in bold letters that say ““ HELP WIKILEAKS  KEEP GOVERNMENTS OPEN".
The U.S embassy cable also say that in the absence of such systematic PNP reform, popular impatience for better police performance and management (that were  exacerbated by the belief that everyone in the force is corrupt)  encourage public support for  elected officials who  abet extra-judicial killings (“salvaging” in police language) to suspected criminals.
“Such an outcome would be disastrous to the human rights climate in this treaty ally and democratic partner, and would also undermine or harm progress on major USG goals here to combat terrorism, narcotics trafficking, trafficking in persons, and other transnational problems,” the “Kano” at the U.S embassy - headed presently by their ambassador who looks like Light heavyweight boxer James Toney – deplores.
Wikileaks also mentioned there the “malfeasance” between former presidential husband Mike Arroyo and the police.
It was about the controversial procurement decision in 2003 to replace existing stocks of 9mm handguns with .45 1911-A1 pistols.
“In a P20 million contract, the PNP amended its 1995 specifications for caliber .45 handguns. This change caused gun dealers to complain the changes were made to allow only the purchase of model 1911-A1 pistols made by Arms Corporation of the Philippines (Armscor)”.
U.S officials said that the police change the rules to favor the company owned by Demetrio “Bolo” -- first cousin of Arroyo.
Disgruntled gun dealers complained that in the tests conducted by the PNP the pistols’ safety broke during the drop test and jammed at 3,000 rounds, when the PNP’s minimum for an endurance test is 5,000 rounds.
“During training conducted in 2005 in the Philippines by Joint Inter-Agency Task Force – West personnel, trainers commented that the Armscor .45 were unreliable, inaccurate, and potentially dangerous to the operator. Nevertheless, Armscor remain an approved supplier to the PNP,” embassy officials complain.
Geez man, you Americans could only cry your heart’s out. This is the Philippines were relatives of the power-at-be have a say on what things to do and not to be done.
We would not land at Transparency international’s top list as one of the most corrupt country in Asia if not the world for nothin’, man.
Oh by the way, to peasants out there who just learned how to use the ‘Net (Internet, you idiot!) you can read the other shenanigans of the PNP at the cable released by the Caucasians at their Roxas Boulevard, Manila’s fortress by clicking this site
And for more police corruptions, you can click too, at my, aheem!, thousands of hits blog entitled “WICKED Leaks (Julian Assange’s worst nightmare) at
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