Monday, May 2, 2011

Hundred Islands’ 1st Gali-langoy Eco-Adventure Race

Judging from the unbelievably huge throng of tourists and locals who trooped to witness and take part of its grand launching, the Gali-langoy Eco-Adventure Race of Alaminos City has made it to the map of the world’s unique sports games.
          Dubbed by spectators from all over Pangasinan and organizers as an “amazingly breathtaking race like no other,” the Gali-langoy— which means “come” (galila) and “swim” (langoy)—highlighted the celebration of the Pista’y Dayat (sea festival) on May 1.
          Gali-langoy which resembles that of triathlon featured: Island-to-Island Swimming, Parao (Sailboat) Racing and Kayak Racing with the magnificent Hundred Islands National Park as its setting.
          A brainchild of Mayor Hernani  A. Braganza, Gali-langoy was designed to attract more tourists (who have reached its highest peak of 160,000 last year) to come and stay in the city, relishing the scenic islands and experiencing aqua- sports especially all year-round.
          Mayor Braganza said he was happy with the result of the event which had enlisted 11 teams and drawn more than 2000 people in a day.
          “While tourism further thrives in our city brought about by this new sports event in our great Hundred Islands, we believe we have also contributed in protecting our environment by promoting the use of kayaks and paraos which do not use fuel,” Braganza said.
          He envisions making Hundred Islands the biggest “Burnham Park” in the country.
          Team 8 (Telbang 2) ruled the race scoring the highest, garnering the shortest of time to finish the three races, won cash prize worth Php 30,000.00.Then it was followed by Team 5 (Lucap 1) that received Php 20,000.00 while Team 7 (Telbang 1) got Php 10,000.00. The winning teams also received an E-Kawayan trophy.
          Spectators who have team preferences were electrified as athletes closely outdo each other.
“You cannot really say who among the teams will end up champion. The match was very, very close as each different athlete and their teams try to outdo each other to win in all the disciplines and stages,” said Elvis T.C. Sison, chairman of the event committee.
          Race route for the three-relay adventure follows:
STAGE 1 — 302.66 meters (Lopez to Quezon Islands)
STAGE 2 – 821.94 meters (Quezon to Clave)
STAGE 3 – 287.34 meters (Clave to Children’s)
STAGE 4 – 983.39 meters (Children’s To Cagao)
STAGE 5 – 385.52 meters (Cagao to Romulo)
STAGE 6 – 571.13 meters (Romulo to Governor’s)
STAGE 7 – 3,857.16 meters (Governor’s to Lucap Wharf)
          Because of the event’s success, Mayor Braganza said a “Part 2 is now in the works.”
          “I’m now talking with the members of the Sangguniang Bayan for the 2nd Gali-langoy in September, making it as the major highlight of this year’s anniversary of the HINP Turnover to the city,” Braganza said.
          “But we might make it a four-day event: in the first day, swimming; 2nd day, paraw race; 3rd day kayaking; then team competition in the fourth day,” he said.

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