Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dagupan SP hikes minimum tricycle fare

The Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) of Dagupan has approved an ordinance Monday increasing the minimum tricycle fare from P7 to P10 and an additional P2 in excess of two- kilometer distance.
Councilor Karlos Reyna  assistant minority floor leader and chair of the SP committee on public utilities, said the new fare was approved after due public hearing after a petition of the Federation of Accredited Tricycle Organizations of Dagupan (FATODAG) was filed to them for the increase in the light of the continuing escalation of oil price, spare parts and other related expenses incurred by tricycle operators.
“In full cognizance of the conspicuous economic difficulties confronting tricycle operators and drivers everywhere, there is an imperative necessity to increase the fare rates in the City of Dagupan ,” Reyna’s ordinance amending further Ordinance No. 1863-2006 reads.
Reyna said FATODAG earlier sought P20 minimum fare for distance of four kilometers but the SP rejected this.
FATODAG members led by their president trooped to the SP last Monday to thank the city council led by Vice Mayor Belen Fernandez, presiding chairman, for approving the new tricycle fare.
Under Section 2 of the approved amended ordinance, the prescribed tricycle fare matrix shall be posted on a conspicuous area inside the tricycle, specifically on the inside front passenger cab windshield, to wit for regular fare of first two kilometers, the passenger pays P10 and for special hire, one to two passengers per trip is P20 and the third passenger, the regular fare applies. Senior citizen/student, and persons with disability pays P16 per trip.
Discounted fare for students and senior citizens fare is P8 per passenger.
For every kilometer thereafter, for regular fare and special hire is P2 per passenger.
Discounted fare for students and senior citizens is also P2.
For overcharging and/or refusal to convey passenger, and/or non-posting of sticker, the driver shall pay P1,000 for first offense, P1,500 for second offense and immediate cancellation of tricycle franchise for third offense.


  1. I dont think that this rule is strictly followed by tricyle drivers, One night i went with my friend, hinatid ko cla hangang Jollibee Junction. Naghanap ako ng tricycle its was around 8pm pa nuon at umuulan, i asked 3 drivers na ihatid ang friend ko sa bonuan bliss,at lahat cla may FARE MATRIX, 20/4km diba? Eh ang gusto nilang price eh P70.00 kc malayo daw, eh more of less 8km lang yung layo ng Junction sa Bonuan Bliss. At ayaw nilang isakay ang friend ko unless na yung ang bayaran nea.

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