Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lingayen Execs Rebuff Critics on Ghost Worker’s Raps


By Mortz C. Ortigoza

LINGAYEN – High officials of this Capital Town rebutted the accusation of critics that the mayor here violated the law when she created a funded position of a mechanic but without an appointed worker.
Mayor Josefina “Iday” Castaneda explained even that position was included in this year’s annual appropriation budget it is not feasible to spend the amount because it needs for a motor pool to be created first and  be funded by the Sangguniang Bayan (Legislative Body).
CRITIC. Lingayen Mayor Josefina “Iday” Castaneda (Left)  and
critic Councilor Judy "Juday" Vargas.

Wala pang motorpool kaya iyong pang sueldo sa mechanic nilagay sa savings. Tapos iyong savings iyon inilagay sa supplemental (budget),” she stressed.
Human Resources Chief Raul Ungson explained that despite the funding and creation for the position of a mechanic by the executive department and legislature the post is not yet final. The appropriation for the post, the HR Officer added, would become a saving for the coffer.

“Iyong savings na iyon magiging available for appropriation uli  isu- supplemental namin iyon para sa ibang project dadaan sa kanila iyon para sa ibang project dadaan iyon (Legislative) for approval,” he said.
Municipal Accountant Nelson Gumapos suspected the bugaboo created by Councilor Judy “Juday” Vargas to the media happened because she was smarting. He explained that two or three years ago Vargas passed the Municipal Environment Natural Resources Officer (MENRO) post that was approved by the Sangguniang Bayan but remained unimplemented because of the “non’availability of funds. The other gripe of the lady councilor was the ordinance she passed this year on the creation of the Cultural Historical Office was vetoed by the mayor.
“Noon noon, may pinagmulan na iyan. Create siya ng MENRO na walang appropriation may appropriation annual budget but subject to availability of funds. When she created the MENRO it goes with the building, department head, staff, salaries malaki pondo iyon walang funds”.
The Municipal Accountant said the offices authored by Vargas could not supersede the need  of this town to increase the salaries of the workers of the local government unit (LGU) based on the Standardization Law and the need of this town to spike the number of its nurses since the ratio mandated by law is one nurse to every 22,000 residents here.
This town, with three municipal nurses, has a population of 103, 278,000 based on the 2015 Census.
 “Ang ginawa niya nag create at pinagagawa niya dito. Basta kung ano ang gusto niya. Encroachment of legislative sa executive. Ni veto ni mayor ang Cultural (Historical Office),” Gumapos cited.
He added the administration of Castaneda is restrained by law to spend 45% of its regular fund for its employees.
“Hinde kami papasa sa Seal of Good Financial Housekeeping (SGFH) Local Government for two years”.

Castaneda said this town received three million pesos from the national government from the SGFH because all their financial transactions were above board.


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  1. Untalan Mon Even before/previous/past administration LGU Lingayen was well known for extravagant ghost employees.This issue is not new anymore.The late former Vice Mayor Ramon Arcinue has raised this concern during his incumbency,also then former Vice Mayor Edith Hallare a staunch critic to the Evangelista Dynasty also lambasted it,but to no avail.Now it is ressurected by Coun.Juday DeLeon Vargas of w/c it has basis on the past and today.Coun.Juday is doing good as fiscalizer in the Sangguniang Bayan of Lingayen

  2. Silvestre A Rayos Jr. Bakbakan na yan sa 2019 , nagpaparamdam na ang challenger, hehehe