Sunday, February 26, 2017

Toff’ to students: Be creative, learn critical thinking

MANGALDAN—Fourth district Rep. Christopher “Toff” de Venecia  of this province has urged students of Mangaldan National High School (MNHS) here to be creative and learn the concept of critical thinking.
During the inauguration on Feb. 10 of a four-storey building with 16 classrooms of MNHS, De Venecia said that in applying critical thinking, students must learn to check facts and to “ask important questions as not all you read in Facebook and other internet sites are true”.
MOTHER AND SON WITH STUDENTS. Pangasinan fourth district Rep. and Young STAR columnist Christopher “Toff” de Venecia joins students for a groufie after the inauguration of a four-storey building with 16 classrooms at Mangaldan National High School on Feb. 10 to be used by senior high school students. The young de Venecia was joined in the occasion by his parents, former five-time House Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr. and former two-time Rep. Gina de Venecia and Mayor Bona Fe Parayno as well as school and barangay officials. 

“Read books and newspapers,” de Venecia, columnist of Philippine STAR’s Young Star youth-oriented Friday section, said even as he encouraged students to take care of their school facility and avoid vandalism.
The new building would be used by senior high school students.
He encouraged the youth also to also develop creativity, adding that while it is good to have high grades, they, however, should also engage in extra-curricular activities. He said this would develop their personalities “to stand out from the crowd”. He said this is one of the best qualities being looked into by employers when hiring employees.
De Venecia also advised the students to have foresight as jobs that are highly in-demand now may change after 10 years. “Jobs are evolving. They will not remain throughout,” he said.
He also stressed on the role of mutual sectoral partnership to hasten progress, adding that development is not the sole role of government.
His father, former House speaker Jose de Venecia Jr., also said in the same occasion that he envisions to have MNHS to become a university someday as it is the biggest national high school in Pangasinan with the highest number of enrollees numbering more than 8,000 at present.
The young de Venecia’s mother, former Rep. Gina de Venecia, on the other hand, said MNHS is one of the most beautiful government schools in Pangasinan with a good ambience conducive for students to study better.
The De Venecias had built most of the school buildings of MNHS.

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