Sunday, January 8, 2017


DAGUPAN CITY – The city’s five major road intersections are now equipped with traffic lights following the activation of the two remaining traffic lights on January 6 at Perez Boulevard corner Guilig Street; and Perez Boulevard corner Rizal Street and Rizal Extension.

Mayor Belen T. Fernandez personally witnessed the activation of the two remaining traffic lights so she can recommend the necessary readjustment on how many seconds or minutes that are needed to let a number of vehicles pass through.

The restoration of the traffic lights, which had been dormant for years, is Fernandez’ thrust in improving the city's traffic management system since she became the city mayor.

Fernandez is also determined on recovering the city’s sidewalks which are mostly occupied by extended roofs and structures, preventing people from using these thus exposing their life and limbs against speeding vehicles if they walk in the side streets.

“We noticed that most of our pedestrians are already using the roads because our sidewalks are already occupied by extended structures. Our motorists tend to slow down in order not to hurt any of the pedestrians and this affects the smooth flow of traffic in our city,” said Fernandez.

She said she already gave instructions to the City Engineering Office to implement the program and expressed hope that residences who have extended their structures along the sidewalks will cooperate.

Fernandez also called to a halt the ingress and egress of buses of the big bus companies in their terminals along Perez Boulevard except for Solid North which has yet   to negotiate with the owners of Victory liner for permission to let its buses to pass through Villa Costa road at the back.

Fernandez also assured that the city’s traffic enforcers will strictly implement the city’s traffic ordinance as she firmly discouraged them to keep away from getting bribe from any traffic violators.

“We have recently entrapped a traffic enforcer who was caught on hand accepting bribe from a traffic violator. He is now facing criminal and administrative cases which may lead to a possible dismissal from service,” said Fernandez.   

Mayor Belen also appealed to those who have intentions of buying tricycles to be made by them as their source of livelihood to discontinue with their plan as the number of franchise for tricycles plying the city’s streets are limited.

She added that the only available slots are for those who wanted to ply the streets during nighttime.

Illegal parking is also discouraged and vehicles illegally parked will be issued a warning on the first offense and repetition of the same will already result in the issuance of a traffic citation ticket. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/Jan. 6, 2017

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