Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dagupan supports World Glaucoma Week 2016

DAGUPAN CITY – This city joined The Medical City Pangasinan and the Inner Wheel Club of Dagupan in observing the World Glaucoma Week 2016 from March 6 to 12 here in a lay forum on March 9 attended by Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) and Barangay Nurses.

With the theme “Beat Invisible Glaucoma”, Dr. Arlene Sanchez, an EENT at the Medical City Pangasinan, emphasized the need to educate and create awareness on glaucoma, a dreadful disease which can cause blindness if not treated.

“We cannot be complacent on this because of its effect in our eyes. This is the very reason why we are celebrating the World Glaucoma Week and in conducting this lay forum so we can disseminate the information to everyone,” said Sanchez as she expressed her gratitude to Mayor Belen T. Fernandez for supporting their activity in inviting the BNS and the barangay nurses in the lay forum.

Sanchez disclosed that glaucoma can be hereditary but it is very treatable when discovered in its early stage.

“This is why it is very important that when one experience headaches, dizziness or red eye, one has to consult an ophthalmologist for medical examination”, stressed Sanchez as she clarified that an ophthalmologist is not an optometrist.

Dr. Charisse Sanchez-Tanlapco, an ophthalmologist at the Medical City Pangasinan, warned that glaucoma has no symptom at the start thus the need for people to be aware.

“There is no way to prevent glaucoma. The only best thing we can do is just for the people to be aware especially for those 45 years old and above,” said Tanlapco.

Tanlapco said that there is a need for those 45 years old and above to undergo yearly check-up and for those above 60 to undergo twice a year check-up to stay away from the disease.

Liza Aliaga, assistant to the Chief Executive Officer of The Medical City Pangasinan, said the lay forum was just one of the activities of the hospital in addressing the medical needs of the people as she pointed out that the hospital is also coming out with a forum on breast cancer for women to become aware of their health.

The lay forum was also sponsored by the Inner Wheel Club of Dagupan headed by Vyan Armas Chua and Santen. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO)

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