Saturday, February 13, 2016


DUMMY? Controversial Chinese businessman Willy Chua (2nd from right)
 first public appearance when he was invited to a public hearing in Barangay Bacabac, Bugallon in Pangasinan last Saturday on a contentious stone crusher plant. 
Chua was suspected to dummy with a series of properties and businesses of a powerful public official in Pangasinan. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

The hearing was acrimonious as residents protested the machine's emit air and noise pollution once it started to operate.
“Kung sa Aguilar galing ang mga bato ninyo, bakit hindi ninyo na lang ilagay doon sa Aguilar at hinde na dito sa amin ang stone crusher ninyo?” asked by a dark skinned young man, who speaks like a student leader in my college days, I later learned was Municipal Councilor Ranie Rick Orduna – the son of Vice Mayor Ric Orduna.

Dito ko nilagay ang Stone Crusher kasi dahil sa baket,” Chua retorted.
Orduna and some residents had to ask Chua what he means by “baket”.
Chua kept repeating the word, and the people there kept asking him what a “baket” was.
“Iyong baket, iyong crushed na stones malapit sa baket sa Lingayen, baket sa Mangatarem, baket sa Labrador,” he haltingly but tried to explain clearly in Filipino
 for the comprehension of everybody.
We later found out he means “Market”.
Sannamagan, mabuti na lang hindi sila nagsuntukan doon hindi dahil di pagka intindihan.

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