Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mangaldan Vice Mayor Threatens Town Worker

THREAT. Rodolfo Corla, Community Affairs Officer-1 of the local government of Mangaldan, Pangasinan, narrates to the media after he was allegedly chided, embarrassed, and threatened by the town’s Vice Mayor Manuel Casupang at the Fiesta Grand Parade of the Pindang Festival in March 5. Corla said what got the goat of Casupang was when his committee designated him to deliver the “Closing Remarks” of the Balikbayan Nights last March 4 and the Grand Parade. He said Casupang threatened him with the utterance: “Malapit ka na!” and embarrassed him in public with the following remarks: “Pinapagalitan ko ito dahil mga bobo sila!”. Corla is with DWPR's top broadcaster Ruel “Mapalakapak” Camba who will air and comment on his narration at the latter 8 Am to 10 Am program on Thursday.

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