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NBI undermines the PNP on Balolong Killing?


A mayor of a city told some media men about the hizzoner’s disliked on the District Engineer (DE) of the Department Public Works & Highway that covers the city.
NBI & PNP - Top brass of the National Bureau of Investigation and
the Philippine National Police in Pangasinan exchanged pleasantries
with Dagupan City Mayor Belen T. Fernandez after her State of
the City Address at the Stadia in the city. Some "respected" members
of the Fourth Estate listen at the sidelines.
“Mas okay iyong pinalitan niya. Ayaw ko itong bagong DE,”
The mayor cited some sloppy works of the private contractors under the supervision of the DE who has the propensity to hire ex-military men to guard him in and outside of his office.
“Iyong ginawang pedestrian lane nabura na. Kalburo ata ang ginawang pinag-pinta, “ the mayor deplored.
As observer of the DPWH, I saw that substandard works happened because they were tolerated by the District Engineers not only by my subject DE but all over the country.
A former congressman even lambasted that construction of some highways in the province did not even pass the international standard.
Why the D.Es allowed these to happen? Was it because they got a cut too from the contractors on the financial allocation of the projects that they were mum not to question the substandard jobs?
Has the National Bureau of Investigation been undermining the Philippine National Police on their parallel investigation of assassinated Urbiztondo Mayor Ernesto Balolong, Jr?
In media reports that I saw, acting Pangasinan’s Police Provincial Director S/Supt. Raymond Sterling Blanco lamented the investigation made by the NBI.
He said the information and documents presented to the media by the NBI have been furnished to them by the PNP’s Special Investigation Task Force - Balolong.
Blanco stressed that they were the passport and postal identity card of a certain Ramil Tiongson Santos, who supposedly rented the black Toyota Innova van used by the perpetrators in the killing the mayor.
He said the authenticity of the passport of Santos had been requested by the SITG-Balolong at the Department of Foreign Affairs. DFA attested the data were spurious. Blanco said a copy-reply of the DFA  was given by the PNP to NBI-Region 1 Assistant Regional Director Celso Ginga.
Tsk, tsk, looking at the pictures of these brouhahas it seems the NBI's sleuths have been a fast drawer by going to the media and tell all and sundry at the expense of the policemen who provided them with the data.
When they gave the photo and those information of Santos to the members of the Fourth Estate, what were in our minds was that the NBI investigators were more efficient than the police .
Mukhang na-gisa ang mga parak dito sa sariling mantika nila. Nag mukhang silang slowpoke.

Bad taste in the mouth or just playing play trapo (traditional politician)? I think some members of the provincial board were liable to this accusation.
They instantly empathized with the plight of Urbiztondo Mayor Balolong who was waylaid by hit men armed with automatic rifles in June 7 when he was tending some things at his commercial edifice in the town.
When he was alive, many members of the August Body have their hands on the throat of Balolong whom they tirelessly suspended in a case that was palpably wastage of essential public resource and  waste of personal saliva since what they were throwing at Balolong were all baseless.
How can they accused the late mayor of grave misconduct in office, abuse of authority, dereliction of duty, and violation of the Local Government Code of 1991 and related laws on an administrative case in 2012 when he had done all the necessary requirements needed by the board.
Present to them for review the resolution passed by his town council for him to contract the P 52.4 million at the Philippine National Bank in Dagupan.
When the board  procrastinated  for months, Balolong only recourse was submit the resolution to the PNB by citing Section 56 (d) of the Code.
Section  56 (d)  said that if no action has been taken by the Sangguniang Panlalalwigan within thirty (30) days after its submission of such an ordinance or resolution, the same shall be presumed consistent with law and therefore valid,.

As what I wrote in my past column: “The first administrative case in 2012 was about the P52.4 million loans negotiated, through a resolution of this town’s council, by the mayor with the Philippine National Bank who lent the sum to the town.
Loida Cancino, former Treasurer of Urbiztondo that was sacked because of the maneuvering of Balolong, argued in her complaint that the loan was not covered by an appropriation ordinance and a review from the provincial board”.
The second administrative case in November 22, 2013 was when Balolong signed into law an appropriation ordinance giving an allocation of P8, 441, 35.59 to PNB in August 2013 despite the rejection of the Sanggunian Panlalawigan of the appropriation in this town’s 2013 budget as an amortization to the bank.
These two cases that each called for 60 days preventive suspension of Balolong were rejected by the Office of the President of the Philippines after he appealed them.

The rigmaroles that the provincial dads were raising happened because of their sheer negligence.
The two rebuffs from the Office of the President could only be blamed on their own folly.
Now that he is dead, some members have been lambasting the police under Police Provincial Office Director Blanco whom they accused of being “incompetent” in providing a safe shield of police protection to the challenged peace and order situation of the huge province where number of killings, they said, have escalated.
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