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Mayors Hit Greedy Congresswoman


Kausap ko kamakailan ang dalawang mayors sa isang congressional district dito sa Pangasinan.
Sabi ng isa kung si Governor Amado T. Espino ang tatakbong congressman sa kanilang district, lahat silang mayor ay susuporta kay Espino.
“Hindi nagbibigay ng share sa mga projects itong congresswoman namin. Ayaw sa kaniya ng mga mayors dito”.
Sinabi ko na noong isang ta-on may kausap ako na alkalde ng ibang distrito at sinabi niya sa akin na masaya siya sa congresswoman nila.
“Dito sa bayan ko basta may project na pinapagawa si congresswoman may 3% na S.O.P (euphemism ng ‘cut” sa kurakot) na binibigay sa amin ang contractor niya”.
Sabi niya kustombre na daw iyon noon pa ng congresswoman nila.
Iyong ikalawang mayor naman bukod sa ayaw niya rin sa congresswoman nila, sinabi niya sa akin na mahina daw ang District Engineer (DE) ng Department of Public Works & Highway na naka assign sa kanila.
“Tingnan mo iyong tulay na pinagawa nila dito sa bayan ko, sing-taas na ng mga bubong nga mga kabahayan sa paligid,” aniya.
Sinabihan daw niya iyong DE at mga taga regional office na kung ipipilit daw nila iyong tulay, kahit huwag na daw gawin iyon sa bayan nila.
“Sinabihan niya ako na sulatan ang (DPWH) national office kung gusto namin na pababa-an ang tulay”.
Tinuro pa sa akin ng mayor ang pinagagawa na riff-raff sa isang bayan na ni design ng DE sa slope protection ng isang ilog.
“Tingnan mo iyong pinagagawa tinapalan ng mga bato ang slope, e lalong sumikip ngayon iyong takbo ng ilog. Dapat nagbawas ng lupa sa river bank tapos nilagyan ng mga bato at alambre para hindi sumikip”.
Aniya ang DE na ito ay O.I. C DE lang. Ni-re-renew lang daw  iyong pagiging DE niya ta-on ta-on dahil malakas sa congresswoman nila na kasama niya sa pang-contrata ng mga projects sa pamamagitan ng mga dummies nila.
“Hindi pa nakakapasa sa examin iyan.Dating checker lang iyan ng DPWH”.
English naman po tayo: Look what the idiotic “No Helmet Law” in Dagupan City had done. Many motorcycle riders are apprehensive in entering the city in case the law, that has the following fines of P200.00 for first offense, P300 for the second offense, P500 and imprisonment for the third offense and subsequent offenses, would be implemented late of August or early of September this year.
When I joined twice lately the 8:00 to 10:00 a.m prime time radio program of Ruel Camba at DWPR-Power Radio a lot of texters said that they fear entering the city.
Aside from the minimum fine of P200, they dread being caught  by the enforcers of the Land Transportation Office whose Regional Director  Teofilo Guadiz warned that on the first day of the implementation of Ordinance No.2013-2014 his men all over the region would swarm the Bangus City and fine the violator: P1,500.00 for the first offense; P3,000.00 for the second offense; P5,000.00 for the third offense; and P10,000.00 plus confiscation of the driver’s license for the fourth and succeeding offenses.
Here comes the ordinance authored by my friend Councilor Netu Tamayo explaining in the other radio station that he was misconstrued about its prohibited acts.
He said the crux of the law signed by acting Mayor Maybelyn Fernandez last July 23 was not the non-wearing of helmet, but riders should remove their helmet when they approach a police check point.
But in his early radio stations hopping interviews , he said that the ordinance mandates that motorcycle riders should run not more than 15 kilometers per hour and should remove their helmet in the central business district.
The wisdom of the law, he said, is to deter motorcycle riding in tandem (MRT) criminals to perpetuate their dastardly acts.
Has Netu, a down-to-earth lawyer, muddle the issue by tricking the listeners on his latest pronouncement that the no- helmet policy on straddling a motorbike was not the issue in the central business district but removing it when one approaches a police check point?
Here’s the salient excerpt of the law, to get rid of this confusion, that broadcaster Harold Barcelona, my “gofer”, promptly requested at the office of the secretary at the Sangguniang Panlungsod at my behest:
”...Mandated to remove the same at authorized checkpoints by law enforcement agencies; provided that motor vehicle riders with speed limit below 15 kph are likewise exempt from wearing helmets at the Central Business District, including but not limited to Caranglaan, Mayombo, M.H. del Pilar, Arellano, A.B Fernandez, Gulig, Malued, and such other areas hereafter identified as economically viable for growth”.
So it’s clear there that Section 5 orders that a rider is not only to remove the helmet at authorized police or POSO checkpoints but motor vehicle riders with speed limit below 15 kph are likewise exempt from wearing helmets at the Central Business District."
Not what the latest pronouncement of Netu that remove the helmet when one see's a check point.
Bakit na bago iyong thesis niyo my idol Netu? Were you threatened by the gung-ho attitude of Jojo Guadiz - a former city councilor and loyalist of former Mayor Benjie S. Lim?
In case Mayor Belen Fernandez wants to replace this stupid law that runs smack on the much higher national law, the city dads could amend where motorist still wear the helmet but he pulls up the visor he wears, so his face could be identified, whenever he approaches the city proper.
Add too what the Colombians had done to deter MRT by allowing only a kin like wife, son, or daughter as back rider. Failure to do it metes a fine, too. Does the Columbian's law makes any sense? Son of a gun, the City of Mandaluyong have been experimenting it lately. The wisdom of the law was that assassination through MRT ensued from two riders who are not close kin. Can you imagine the father drives the motorbike while the wife pumped the .45 caliber pistol to the hapless target? Impossible di ba? With this law, even MRT would think twice to perpetuate their trade as they would be suspect already after the police flag them. If they could not be caught with their guns, they would be caught with their pockets through fine. To emulate the writing style of Conrado de Queros: "That would not be fine for them!"
Amending Ordinance No.2013-2014 means getting rid of Jojo Guadiz like an Albatross breathing on the back of the neck of the officialdom of Dagupan.
The brinkmanship by President Benigno Aquino III against the judiciary where he insinuated (read: veiled threat) that he would do something with the Supreme Court after the later dealt his P177 billion Disbursement Acceleration Program a 13-0 rejection votes, and the movement of his allies that dominate the House of Representatives to abolish the Judicial Development Fund (JDF) only drives him to the hell hole.
In the latest polls of the Social Weather Station and Pulse Asia, he got the all time low of +25% and 56% respectively. With the muscling he is doing against the high tribunal expect that his popularity stocks will plunge further.
I know the veiled threat of the president is not confined to the abolition by his allies in congress of the JDF. The threat is more than just: Congress has the constitutional power to impeach the magistrates who could not appreciate the stimuli that DAP has done to the economy in the past several years.
Would the magistrates call the bluff of impeachment by the president by turning 180 degress from their previous 13-0 decision after Malacanang files the Motion for Reconsideration of their beleaguered DAP case ?
Has the president dreaded the day he steps from office that his enemies file charges against him like technical malversatoion cum plunder case that could put him in a jail without bail just like what happened to his predecessor La Presidenta Gloria Arroyo?
There is a solution to avoid this incase his advisers have not whispered to him  what to do.
Strike a deal with probable presidential bets like Jojo Binay, Grace Poe, Mar Roxas, Alan Peter Cayetano that incase one of them wins he would do a Joseph Estrada by pleading guilty to the cases filed against him and wait for the presidential pardon.
Of course this could not be free. There would be what we call as quid quo pro (something for something).

Just read this crazy stuff at the Face Book Community Page of the Army Scout Rangers’
ARMY: Aatake sa harap. Mag maneuver papasok sa loob ng building at pag ma clear babantayan sa loob na walang ibang makakapasok sa building.
SCOUT RANGER: Gagapangin ng hating gabi. Papasukin aalisin lahat ng panganib sa loob tapos isasara at aalis bago lumiwanag!
SPECIAL FORCES: Ire-recon yung labas ng Building tapos kakaibiganin yung mga bantay tapos aatake ng surpresa at matapos masiguradong malinis na sa loob ay isasara at mananatili sa labas para bantayan ng lihim ang area.
NAVY: Hindi makita sa RADAR nila yung building kaya tumawag sa MARINES para sa reinforcement!
MARINES: Kinanyon ang building ng walang tigil at isang oras binanatan ng machine gun hanggang sa ma pulbos ang buong building!
AIR FORCE: Hindi pinasok yung building. Ipinadlak sa labas tapos tumawag ng Pulis!
PNP: Pinasok yung building hinanap yung TITULO at isinangla sa Bangko.
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