Friday, June 20, 2014

Mayor Bona Inaugurates 6 Major Projects

First 366 Days in Office

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

MANGALDAN – In June 30 the mayor of this burgeoning town will inaugurate six big ticket projects she siphoned from the P25, 575,755 development fund allocated to this year’s budget.
Mangaldan Mayor Bona Fe de Vera-Parayno, accompanied by former
Mayor Tito Sarzaba, enters the public plaza for her first 100 Days
  in office speech in Septermber last year.

Dr. Rose Hulipas, executive officer in the office of the mayor, said that before Mayor Bona Fe de Vera-Parayno presents at dusk the State of the Municipal Address (SOMA) to her constituents she would inaugurate the new infirmary, the slaughter house’s water treatment facility, the four shanties for the carabao merchants, one- stop- shop located at the ground floor of the main building of the municipal hall, and the multi-purpose hall and disaster center located at the 3rd floor of the same building.
“Ang ginawang meat processing ay nasa second floor ng vegetables market. Sa second floor ng market may facilities binigay ang DTI (Department of Trade & Industry), parang sa slaughter house merong water treatment facility sa livestock naman may apat na bahay kubo na purchased ng municipio para gamitin ng mga biyaheros na nagdadala ng karabaw. Tapos dito sa main building natin iyong ground floor may one-stop-shop, 3rd Floor naman ang multi-purpose center at ating Disaster Center,” Hulipas stressed.
She said the SOMA of Parayno would enumerate not only the projects and programs she had done in her first 366 days in office here but would emphasize the road map she would do in the next year as hizzoner.

In an earlier report by this paper it was mentioned that the urgent care clinic, located at the old infirmary building, can serve as first aid clinic, and mitigate morbidity of the people in the town who suffered physical ailment and accident.
 “It takes 45 minutes inclusive of traffic to bring to Dagupan (City) a patient to a hospital there who was either struck by cardiac arrest or stroke”.
 She said if there is an urgent care clinic untimely death of people in Mangaldan could be avoided.
 She cited the case of former Mayor Herminio Romero who died in a heart attack as he was being brought to a hospital in Dagupan City. The mayor stressed the clinic would also be an income-generating project to the public coffer through its socialized payment system based on the financial capacity of the people who patronize it.
 She said the clinic is generally for free for the poor people of the town. “It is like Region 1 Medical Center where its more than P1 million a day revenue from patients who are capable to pay for its quality service that is much better than its private counterparts in Dagupan City is used to subsidize the free medication of the indigents," a supporter who asked not to be named.
The meat processing buttressed by an almost one million pesos meat equipment composed of a meat grinder machine, slicer machine, mixer, tumbler, a vacuum packing machine and digital weighing scale with a 100-kilogram capacity was turned over late last year by DTI Regional Director Florante Leal, along with 4th District Rep. Gina de Venecia, to Mayor Parayno for the use of local meat processors in making dried meat and other processed meat products.
Parayno said the equipment are “Heaven Sent” because it could tremendously enhance the local meat processing industry known as “pindang” by facilitating higher output of their products which are already being marketed in Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon.
Pindang is Mangaldan’s OTOP (One-town-one-product) and a “Pindang Festival” has been incorporated in the town’s annual fiesta.
 The water treatment and the slaughter house could accommodate 100 hogs per day. This town is among the few municipalities in Pangasinan that operates a Double ‘A’ slaughterhouse that qualifies its meat products to be sold in other parts of the country.

The mayor explained that the multi-function hall would not only become income generating to the town from the revenues it gets from the private sector who availed it but would be an escape venue for the people here who find shelter whenever calamity like the monstrous flood strike again the town.

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