Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Suspects in Dagupan Jewelry Store Heist Identified; Case Solved

June 2, 2014, Dagupan City- The group responsible for the BHF Gemline jewelry store heist on May 31, 2014 has been identified. 
Police Superintendent Christopher Abrahano being inter-
viewed by a TV network after 10 gunmen robbed the
BHFJewelry Gemline in the city.

The Ga'ga' robbery hold-up group operating in Metro Manila and nearby provinces has been pinpointed as the criminal gang responsible for the robbery.

Police Superintendent Christopher Abrahano, Chief of Dagupan Philippine National Police, said witnesses positively identified Jomel Montemar Tamalla, Bernad Tolentino  alyas Ogie,and Epharim John Evengelista  alyas Paeng. All have addresses in Metro Manila and are originally from Visayas and Mindanao.

"The suspects were fingered by witnesses from a picture gallery of suspects obtained by Pangasinan PPO’s Provincial Intelligence Branch under the watch of Supt. Rodrigo Castro, Jr.
 and the Dagupan PNP from our counterparts in the NCRPO and the PNP Intelligence Community, " Abrahano stressed.

The crime 
 group has been tagged as responsible for several robbery and kidnapping incidents in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

Cases of Robbery, Attempted Homicide, and Direct Assault are being prepared for filing against the suspects.
One of the suspects in the heist.

We would like to commend the Security Guards of BHF Gemline for their vigilance and bravery that they showed in the face of adversary and our patrollers as well for the quick response that they provided.

Rest assured that the PNP, the Pangasinan PPO, and the Dagupan City Police will not rest until everybody responsible for this incident would be brought to answer in the bar of justice.

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