Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Young liberals slam UNA's Tiangco on Hitler youth remarks

The Filipino Liberal Youth (FLY) calls on Navotas Representative Toby Tiangco to stop politicking and instigating instability for Youth Reforms.
DILG Secretary Mar Roxas
FLY, being the premiere organization of young liberals today, accounts Rep.Tiangco’s ill- thought accusations regarding the process of choosing the Task Force for Youth Development.

Mr. Jyleazar Dela Rosa, Lead Convener and Chairman Emeritus of FLY, alarmed by the statement of Rep. Tiangco, said, "I am troubled on how Rep. Tiangco mustered his facts before accusing the DILG Secretary. His statement is alarming and reflects how the opposition thinks, the allegations especially that of the comparison with “Hitler Youth” is alarming considering its historical basis is very ill, he should review world history. This only means that the opposition will do anything to veer the public away from the reforms this administration has been doing, and it is unfortunate that some politicians like Tiangco and Ridon will use even the youth top push for their political agenda.  We are more intelligent and informed as you think, so don't drag us into baseless and pointless issues."

This is to answer Rep. Ridon and Tiangco's statement that Mar Roxas and the Liberal Party are using LP exploiting SK vacancies to prepare for 2016 polls. 

"Rep. Ridon said that Sec. Roxas, through the IRR, instructed the baranggay councils to appoint the members of the new SK Task Force. This is an outrage! If we are going to read the IRR, the process of choosing the SK Task Force starts from the nomination of the youth organizations within the baranggay. After the nomination, the citizens within the baranggay can share their issues and concerns related to the nominees. Then from those issues and concerns submitted by the citizens, there will be a hearing conducted by the Sangguniang Barangay to determine the capability of the nominees. Clearly, the process of choosing the the SK Task Force starts from the bottom, from the youth, from the grassroots level. His statements are rather pointless and badly lacked facts."

Reforming the Sangguniang Kabataan is one of the most crucial steps of the government to change the political landscape of the Philippines, but for these reforms to be successful, we need the support of all young leaders, including Rep. Ridon.

“Instead of baseless accusations, he should be helping us in this step of reformation, unless he wants to put into waste the votes given to him by the Filipino youth,” Executive Vice-Chair Christian Gultia added.

“Let's be adamant in looking at those people who want to put color in the transformation that this administration pushes.  This country faces too much politicking already, and the youth shouldn't be part of it. We call on Rep. Ridon to show evidence of this accusation, if he can't prove it, then we call for his immediate resignation,” Mr. Dela Rosa furthered.#

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