Saturday, March 22, 2014

8 Ambassadors to Witness Bayambang’s Guinness Bid


BAYAMBANG, Philippines – The bid of this revolutionary capital of the country for the Guinness Book of World record would be “star-studded” with the arrival of five to eight envoys.
Mayor Ricardo Camacho said ambassadors of Japan, France, Canada, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Bangladesh, and Mainland China will be coming on April 4 to witness the eight- kilometer longest grill attempts of his burgeoning town.
DRONES FOR LONGEST GRILL: Glen Guapo( Extreme left) the owner of
Quadcopters from La Union explains to Bayambang Mayor Ric Camacho
how the four copters would cover the grilling of fresh water based fish in the town's
bid  in April 4 for the longest grill in the Guinness Book of World Record.
National figures like Senator Bam Aquino signified his attendance, too.
Camacho said his administration is preoccupied nowadays on the Guinness bid and the 400 years Anniversary of this town as they are fast approaching.
The quadri centennial will be held on April 5 while the Balikbayan Night will be on April 6.
Janice Hidalgo, the media liaison officer of the mayor, said the mayor has just met the staff of PTV 4 on the news coverage that will be carried by the network on the ground and a quadcopter, a drone, with high power video camera that will document the grills and the roasting of fresh water based fish from the air.
“We plan to use four quadcopters for the Malangsi Festival on April 4,” Glen Guapo, the operator of the drone, said.
Hidalgo quoted the director of PTV-4 who quipped after the ocular inspection of the long venue: “Madugo pala itong eight kilometers bid niyo mayor sa haba”
A source who asked anonymity said the eight kilometers try of this town is as long as the stretch of Barangay Nalsian Norte near the boundary with Malasiqui town and in Barangay Wawa near the boundary with Camiling, Tarlac. 
Camacho said this town gears to beat the reigning title holder Turkey’s 6.116 kilometers longest barbecue grill. In November 8, 2009 Turkey beat this town’s nearby city Dagupan's 1.7 kilometers on the longest grill.
He stressed that unlike commercial hub's Dagupan City that has countless of sponsors from the business sectors, this town resident and tycoon Cesar Quimbao, and Governor Amado T. Espino primordially carried the yeoman’s job for the resounding success of the Guinness try.
“Mabuti na lang maraming tumulong. Co- sponsor ang provincial government backed  up sila under the leadership of Governor Espino and Stradcom Corporation under Mr. Quimbao na kung saan sila ang major sponsors na tumulong sa atin”.
Governor Espino allocated 50, 000 kilos of "tilapia" pegged at P4 million while this town prepared 10,000 kilos of fresh water fish.
Camacho said some of these fish would be put at his fish ponds. 
“Our bid for the Guinness is not only a pride for the Pangasinenses but a pride for the Philippines”.
The mayor said each of the 77 villages here have been allocated with 1000 one meter long grill with three kilos of fish that have been caught in lakes like the one in Mangabul here.
With 7700 grills that complement the 7.7 kilometers, he explained that he added 2300 more grills to make the bid 8 kilometers.
“We make it 8 kilometers so our town mates who want to join can buy the grill at P500 each so they can participate in a once- in- a- lifetime experience for a world contest in our town,” he said.

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